Intermission Stuff

While visiting our friends in Chicago, we visited one doozie of a Japanese supermarket called Mitsuwa. Inside was a grocery about half the size of a Wal-Mart Market, a small bakery with various ethnic pastries, and a huge bookstore. I saw a handful of Gundam and other merchandise, but didn't get anything since I sprung for gas for our driver (From Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL takes alot out of a car). I did see Gundam Unicorn novels 9 and 10, but would rather wait and get them all as a set.
The last part of this place was a food court with an array of places of different Japanese tastes. From sushi to burgers, I fell in love with this place when we went there. Due to time constraints and other plans that day, we only were in there for about an hour. If you're in the Chicago area, I recommend visiting this place. It has a nice clean atmosphere and seems very authentic in its setup (although not as tight as most Japanese markets tend to be).
No photos were taken there by me, but our friend sent a small care package with all the photos from our trip, along with some other goodies!

I was actually surprised to see anything like this in there, though:

Gundam Be@rbricks no.1: Gundam RX-78-2 and no.13: Char Aznable

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, since the last SD Gundam charm I had on my phone vanished mysteriously, and I don't want to risk these to a similar fate. Maybe I'll put them on display with my models once a permanent location comes around.
I may have to hunt down Char's Zaku and Amuro now to complete the Pilot+MS combo!

I always appreciate friends who know me well enough to know what I would like but would never venture into getting myself.


Also, she started a webcomic blog which you can visit here or in my blog roll. If you like comics about cats, it's pretty funny!
(No, no Gunpla. Blogger is more than just Gunpla sites, so give her a break!)


Longer Wait than Expected...

So, I hit a small wall called September. Alot's going on this month that's getting im my way much more than predicted. And to top it off, work is getting more hectic as well. Meaning I probably won't have anything up before October. *sigh*
If I get a chance, I'll have that Char's Zaku and the secret follow-up before then...
*sigh again*