Ohayocan 2011: The Loot

My second year in Columbus, yet only my first year to Ohayocon. It was fun if not CROWDED! But the amount of cosplay was unheard of (for me), and the dealer's room was Luh~HOADED with awesomeness.
While I got a LOT of photos of cosplayers doing what they do, I'm still sifting through them and will post those at a later date... First we start with the quicker of the topics: The loot!


À Mon Seul Désir

Wanted to do a follow-up on my previous posting, as I had just yesterday finished the last kit form my horde. I'll be doing mini-reviews for these, and I'll probably save larger reviews for more rare or special releases.

On a side note, I figured now owning 4 Gundam UC models warranted the viewing of the OVA (Thus far).
I must say, I'm very impressed. I haven't been this optimistic about a Gundam release since 2002, and it's very interesting to see this being released in the US simultaneously with Japan. Now, I just wish Bandai Visual USA would get off they're cautious asses and get to licensing the missing segments of the UC era: Namely Gundam ZZ and V Gundam...


Metric F-Ton of HGUC GET!

With Christmas funds comes self-gifts. And since I'm taking a rather heavy break from MG's (Plus I've gotten every game and anime that I want besides KH Re:Coded), I thought I'd start on a backlog of Gunpla to keep myself from having to pee due to boredom.
I already finished the second season of Haruhi, and even with the Endless Eight, I really liked this season! I'll review that in the future, though.


Get Equipped With CHRISTMAS!

A little late, but better than never. This is my rake-in from Christmas of 2010!
I'm spoiling what was in the large box from a previous post (now gone), but the HGUC 1/144 Gundam GP03 Dendrobium has been acquired. after 8 long years of waiting! And this sucker is HUGE!
Atop that, I also got the already covered Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns 'Gunpla 30th Edition' as my Gunpla year-enders.