*Whew*, Long Hiatus

Admittedly, I've been gone too long from this blog, and rightfully, you don't need to forgive me for that. September saw more traveling for me than I've seen otherwise in the last 5 years... My job (And it's stubborn clientele) haven't made things any easier. So I decided I needed a break from it all. But now I'm feeling up again and ready to review again!

With that said, the HGUC Char's Zaku review is all but done (missed some photos that needed replaced), and SHOULD be up this weekend. I've also changed my mind on the secret ones, since they weren't based on any poll, the options kinda overwhelmed me. So I'm gonna omit the rest of those and worry about them after the selected ones are completed.

Also, if the top pic wasn't a dead giveaway, I finally got the D-Arts Zero [1st Ver.]. That will also be in line for a review soon.