Review Tab Added!

Should have done this sooner, but a page listing my reviews has been added!
So, no more going through my archives to find where I reviewed so-and-so (To be reviewed next month)!
As I start to cover what I've got, this section may branch. If so, I'll keep you updated.

Also, changed the main template and layout for the page as a whole. Still fine-tuning some things, though, so sorry if any visual inconveniences come up!

Oh, and for anyone curious about the Figure List tab, this is more for straight listing and no photos are planned. If they happen, they happen. But most are still packed away, so don't expect much on that front at the moment.

On a closing note, I'm still waiting for my item for the next planned review. For those who've already guessed, apparently, I pre-ordered the domestic release, so whenever they can get it in, I'll let you know. For those who haven't guessed yet... Go here.


Kotobukiya 1/10 scale Rockman Review

Having been a Mega Man fan for not as long as most, I came in during Mega Man X, so I honestly didn’t know much about the original save for what I “learned” from the old Ruby Spears cartoon. Yes, it was pure cheesecake, but it was entertaining for my young age. I own all of the classic series and have beaten 2 ~ 5, most of 1 and 8, and only a couple of levels of 9. With the exception of character introductions, I know there’s not a lot of story to miss. >_>

The announcement of this kit was definitely a blind-sided left hook. I had always wanted a Mega Man (or in this case “Rockman”) model kit since my discovery of the Mega Armor Series back in the late 90’s.
I wasn’t able to obtain it right when it launched, but I still got mine prior to the official US release (which I think is still pending), during Ohayocon 2011 in my “Tax Refund, I Don’t Want You No More” spending spree…



D-Hell and H-Arms Review Updates

I finally added the missing photos for the back views and weapons, as well as some revised textual information. Their links can found below.

HG 1/144 "Fighting Action" Gundam D-Hell Custom (UPDATED)
HG 1/144 "Fighting Action" Gundam H-Arms Custom (UPDATED)

To be honest, I feel a little ashamed over the half-assed reviews I slapped up on here. I assure, from here on, all reviews will be completely photographed and written BEFORE being posted...


Some Things GET and Other Bits

Well, it's taking longer than I thought to get what was going to be the topic of my next post, so I'll show off my recent finds until then.


D-Arts Fan Servey Results GET

Over at Capcom's Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san (ウッチーさん) had run a poll seeing what characters fans would like to appear in Bandai's D-Arts figure line.

Now, the poll ran from April 1st and ended just a few days ago. I, myself, participated, and thought I'd let you know the results...


1/100 MBF-P02[F] Gundam Astray Red Frame "Stray Fenrir" Custom Paint Scheme

Image courtesy of Hobby Search.

We all know the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame kit from the SEED MSV line. It was the thin line between the traditional 1/100 HG's (which this is not) and at-the-time MG's (Also, is not).


Limitless Potential...

Photo manipulation : Dustin "OZKai" Wilkinson

Oo~hoo, the suspense~!