I'd been waiting for 9 long months, but Bandai did not disappoint! And for those who recall, I listed this in my End-of-year Wishlist...

HGUC 1/144 RX-160S Byarlant Custom
Release Date: November 2012 / Price: ¥2,730

While this pushes the ever-growing bocklog of Unicorn-based HGUC's I need to get to 16, I really don't care! This will either be a day-one purchase or is going on my wishlist to everybody (and I'll graciously accept duplicates! XD) 
I know there's also a lot of talk going around about the just-announced MG 1/100 nu Gundam Ver.Ka. But, frankly speaking, It's too far a departure from everything I love about nu Gundam.

It's too riddled with random panel lines and layered parts, and completely lacks the streamlined look that Izubuchi gave the original. I dunno. Color me Gravely Skeptical.
It feels like Katoki's trying too hard to tie its design to Unicorn...

Well, just a random news post from Slowpoke me.


A New Zero Appears! (Also, new blog!)

Through a complete stroke of luck, I managed to obtain the last D-Arts figure I'd been missing, thanks to a gift card to Amazon.com!  Now I have all the Rockman X D-Arts (Aside from the Iwamoto Comic Ver. and the Comi-Con Metallic Ver. exclusives of X) currently available...

Also, if you noticed the side bar, I've started a web comic blog: RPGags!

It's something I'd been meaning to do for a long time now, but just never got around to it. To those worried, this shouldn't get in the way of the inactivity on this site. XD  (I'm trying, honest ^ ^;)

Actually, with this Zero obtained, I can officially finish off a couple reviews I'd been needing this for...




Finally just got this in today after pre-ordering the thing in March...

Ominous box is not so ominous...

My D-Arts (Tamashii Web Exclusive) Vile (VAVA) from Mega Man X (Rockman X) finally came in!

 Expect a review of this thing... eventually. *shrug*


D-Arts Zero (1st Ver.) Review

When the D-Arts X (Mega Man or Rockman, pick your poison) was announced, it didn't take a Reploid engineer to know who was following suit. Though, the iteration used certainly took everyone by surprise.

Though, it's only logical to go with the first appearance's version rather than straight to the one everyone's more familiar with. Some thought this was a stupid move, but I was grateful to see Zero's X1 design get a figure, after being glossed over in the old Mega Armor Series during the mid 90's.