D-Arts Zero (1st Ver.) Review

When the D-Arts X (Mega Man or Rockman, pick your poison) was announced, it didn't take a Reploid engineer to know who was following suit. Though, the iteration used certainly took everyone by surprise.

Though, it's only logical to go with the first appearance's version rather than straight to the one everyone's more familiar with. Some thought this was a stupid move, but I was grateful to see Zero's X1 design get a figure, after being glossed over in the old Mega Armor Series during the mid 90's.

I: Main Body

Front View

Rear View

Following right along with X, Zero's body shares many similarities. However even the smallest differences show Tamashii Nation's attention to detail. Zero's arms, legs and neck are all vaguely extended from X's to give Zero that edge in height, meaning these are to stay in some form of scale.

The jewel-like parts are more plentiful on Zero, as well as larger in size and color range (Blue, green and orange), so these are even more impressive than the 6 red gems present on X.
This figure does have room for some customization painting or detailing, though. The lines along the white of his helmet were done using a grey Gundam Marker panel line pen, and the cheek vents were done in black.

Zero's helmet is well maintained, despite many complications with the old art. Also note the "Z" insignia on the left shoulder... Well printed, especially on the spherical surface.

The prominent feature on Zero, of course, is going to be his ponytail. How a robot has one is a mystery to me, but it gives him that cool factor equivalent to Protoman's scarf (Which I think was the point).
The ponytail is attached to the stem via a Y-axis pivot. Meaning no vertical movement, but that's not a huge deal. I've read elsewhere that people have had problems with the stem breaking due to thinness. However, either as a fault to their copy's fragility or my own over-cautiousness, mine has shown no signs of weakening.
Given the size of the plastic hair, it's surprisingly light, and does not weigh down Zero as much as one would expect. And since the stem is attached to the neck rather than the head itself, the hair does not pull back Zero's head to a constant looking-up position. Very well thought out!

 Detail on Zero's back.

The sole detail, like X's, is impressive and very accurate to the original designs from the first game.
I filled in the black spots on the foot using a back Gundam Marker panel liner pen.

 Proof of the superb balance that this figure has, even with the large block of ponytail provided.

II: Accessories

Optional Right Arm and Hands

Like X, the same assortment of hands are given, including the spread palm and closed fist. But, Zero is given an extra set of "thumbs up" hands, which actual purpose is for the not-included Z-Saber (As, once again, this is X1 Zero). Many, including myself, chalk this up to Zero's common victory pose. While not present in X1, this is iconic for Zero and a must for conveying his "cool factor."

It's never really been clear how Zero's arm changes to the Z-Buster, given the dramatic design difference, though. O___O

Z-Buster and Shot Effect Part

The Z-Buster is cleverly designed (Like X's) to have an interchangeable barrel: One with the inset jewel and one hollow. The non-jewels around the edges of the barrel caps were panel lined by me using a brown Gundam Marker.
The silver color of the main buster was a little off-putting, until I cross checked Keiji Inafune's original illustration...

Not sure how I never noticed that before... (Taken from the R20: Rockman & Rockman X Complete Works)

And the buster shot effect is detailed almost exactly like the in-game sprite!


 3 interchangeable face parts are included: 2 being the same stoic look, but with one looking to the right, and a teeth-grit face.
I gave the mouths brown lining, as well as some grey highlights to the teeth to add depth to the mouths.

  Faces installed into Zero's helmet.

III: Poses

There's a lot about Zero's character that gives him a more "hardcore" feel, as repeatedly described by Inafune himself. (Though, I'm sure that's a lot of bragging on his end, though, being the sole designer for Zero, himself ^ ^)

Zero DASH!

Charging shot...



And FIRE!!!


IV: Verdict

So far, the D-Arts Rockman X line has and can do no wrong. This Zero does great in following in the footsteps of X, adding just what's needed to make Zero... Well, Zero. And even if this isn't the version most are familiar with, I say it's a welcome breath of fresh air for the was-never-supposed-to-exist-past-X1 character.

No qualms about it...
Wait, *Ahem* I mean...

Zero qualms about it.


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