Year in Review: 2014

2014, you have been a strange fellow. Back and forth, great and awful, memorable, yet forgettable. Of course, I have some memories from this year that have been beyond wonderful and wouldn't trade them for anything, it just feels like the bad that came from this year felt unnecessary and even intentional... I dunno.

In any case, as we enter the year of Third Impact, 2015, I have a lot of things I plan to fix that I failed to do in 2014. Also, maybe do less kits... The above pic was less fun to set up than I anticipated.


Retrospective of Gundam UC - Part 3 (FINAL)


 Most everything has its themes that the story revolves around. It’s essential to any interesting plot. Gundam UC is no exception to this. However, unlike many traditional stories, Unicorn has as many as 4 themes: The blessings and curses of blood, the power of possibility, “To my only desire,” and the words “Even so."


Retrospective of Gundam UC - Part 2

Throughout the Universal Century era, we’ve heard about how Newtypes, as proposed by Zeon Zum Deikun, are meant to be the next step in human evolution. Brought about through our transition to living in outer space, our senses would adapt to the void and perception and even precognition would open to us, allowing mankind to understand each other without misconceptions. However, all that had been seen of Newtypes since their first mention is the ability to see ahead in battle, allowing one to read moves and step accordingly. As Cardeas Vist put it, it made “Newtype” synonymous with “Ace Pilot.” Gundam UC not only lampshades this grim truth, but does a magnificent job at showing what Newtypes were supposed to have been, what Newtypes have been, and what Newtypes can be.


Retrospective of Gundam UC - Part 1

“Mankind possesses a god.                      
             The inner god called Possibility.”
                                           - Cardeas Vist

Already a stark contrast line from the thematic “Mankind’s souls are bound by gravity” used throughout the Universal Century prior to this. Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) is the latest Gundam animated series entered into the Universal Century calender, placed in the untold era between the end of Char’s Counterattack and Gundam F91.

Just warning you now that this WILL be spoiler heavy, so please continue at your own risk.

For the last 35 years, the term “Universal Century” was synonymous with endless war and bloodshed, something that just seems expected after the One-Year War and all conflicts that had sparked from the embers of that war. However, Unicorn paints this picture as the result and not the cause, as previously thought for years, thanks to an untold incident that happened almost 100 years before - A terrorist attack on the Earth Federation’s Prime Minister’s satellite residence, Laplace, at the dawn of the Universal Century...

Laplace’s Box. A secret object said to be able to topple the Earth Federation or even destroy the world if used by the wrong men for the worst intentions. It’s an interesting plot device for a Gundam series, and very different from anything used before. What this item truly means to either side of the conflict, or the world itself, is revealed by the end of the series. And while, if you’ve seen Gundam F91 or V Gundam, you might be thinking why this is important at all. I will get into that toward the end of this.

This retrospective will follow 3 parts, the characters, the myths, and the themes.


Admitting Mistakes and Finding Solutions

Okay, so I think I found the biggest problem with my review method and why I can't seem to churn more out, and it's all in the fact that I try to make it simple yet detailed, and as we know those two things mix like a cyber Newtype in a mobile armor. So, I will be introducing mini-reviews for many of my kits, that will literally just go over the basics, my pros and cons, and minor pictures. When and if I get the chance, some will be updated in the future to full reviews. But at the moment, I just want to give you guys some content! Expect those in the coming weeks, as I've already got a few prepped!

 Also, that retrospective on Gundam UC is in the works, and might end up being a multi-parter. I've written over a full page on just the main character alone, so I expect the rest to be a doozie! @___@;;
I might have the first part up next week, if all goes as planned.

One more thing before I go, as I finished the HGAC 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero I had teased 2 posts ago! Haven't gone nuts yet, but there's still time. (lol)

Until next time!


End-of-Year Predictions - 2015 Edition

Well, I got 4 guesses right, last year, so I'm gonna give this one more whack until I truly can't figure out what Bandai's doing! 


Washing away the soot and respackling the walls (Update - FINAL)

The last post to my catchup series will also be the shortest, but none the less, has a few new feats I've tried. Also, I'll mention some other (not-so) news to fluff it up a bit. XD

Okay... My first kit in this update is probably one no one expected...


Turning the coffin into shelving (Update - part 2)

Okay, returning to playing catchup here and cleaning out the cobwebs strewn about. Got a bunch more to throw your way! Also, updated the side links and my Plamo list. Figure list should be updated by my next post. So, without much further ado...


Oh my God, I knew I forgot something!!! (Update - part 1)

 ... Well, I have practically no excuse for this place's neglect. Almost a solid year without any reviews, updates, or even miscellaneous posts...

Well, for those that care, I'm not dead (obviously), just lazy. I have had a lot of... well, stuff, happen over this year. I'll probably go into detail more during my year-end post (YES, I still plan to do it and my 2015 prediction/wishlist).

Okay, soooooooooooooo...