Oh my God, I knew I forgot something!!! (Update - part 1)

 ... Well, I have practically no excuse for this place's neglect. Almost a solid year without any reviews, updates, or even miscellaneous posts...

Well, for those that care, I'm not dead (obviously), just lazy. I have had a lot of... well, stuff, happen over this year. I'll probably go into detail more during my year-end post (YES, I still plan to do it and my 2015 prediction/wishlist).

Okay, soooooooooooooo...
If it's any consolation, I have gotten a LOT of kits this year, so this will be a picture-heavy update! For sanity's sake, I'm breaking this up into 2-to-3 catch-up posts.

Firstly, I completed the massive backlog I received post-Christmas, including a few kits that weren't covered in my previous post.

First, the HGUC Ex-S Gundam my friend Aaron got me. I'd been wanting this kit for a long while, now, and thanks to him (and a recent reproduction), I could finally have it! It suffers from a lot of balancing issues (naturally), but looks pretty good. Definitely shows its age at the seams.

Next up was the far-newer HGUC Messala! Even though it's a strange design, I think that always makes for far more interesting kits. Compared to the Ex-S, it's definitely more solid, though it, too, suffers from severe balance issues that require the feet claws to be deployed in MS mode. Transformation is very impressive, with bare minimal part-swapping!

I think I've stated before, but the Red Astray has a very special place for me, despite its universal lineage. The HG SEED Gundam Astray Red Frame [Flight Unit] was a must, for me, with its improved build versus the old HG. It's nice solid kit with minimal gripes. Lots of painting, though.

The 08th MS Team was always my favorite Gundam series (keyword: was), so I didn't hesitate ordering the HGUC Gundam Ez8 the first chance I got! Not sharing the body of the HGUC Gundam Ground Type was a little strange, but the kit still meshes well when set side-by-side.

And who can forget the grand-daddy of them all, the RX-78? While this is FAR from my first time doing the HGUC Gundam, this is probably the best I've done with the kit in my many attempts at it.
Fly, Gundam!

Despite their size and simplicity, the HGUC Ball Twin Set was rather impressive! Almost perfect color accuracy, good crisp molding, decent articulation (in the few places that it can move), it's definitely worth its standard price tag!

For its size, the HGUC Gundam F91 is super detailed and requires a HELLUVA lot of painting! Despite this, it's a very good kit, and one I don't think they could have done near as well (or at all) yeas prior to this.

Hot off the heels of my MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, I thought, "Well, that wasn't enough, let's do it again smaller!" I mean, let's face it, we all knew I'd get the HGUC Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, though I was surprised they divided it up into Unicorn and Destroy modes, as well...

To bookend my Post-Christmas horde, I did the second kit my firend Aaron go for me, the HGUC Palace-Athene. Until I did this, I had completely forgotten just how HUGE some of the Titans suits were... I thought CCA started the large trend. Also, yes, I painted all of those large missiles. And the twin beam gun. Yes, there is a chance I'm a masochist.

And technically, this one I ordered during that haul, but didn't get till way later. Since I got the HG SEED Strike Noir Gundam a few years back, I'd been wanting to get the rival (yet, titular) kit, the HG SEED Stargazer Gundam. Interesting in design, but to have it in it's active mode via stickers is difficult since they're so dense they start to peels up around corners... x___x

This ends part 1 of my catch-up postings. I'll try to get the second one up this weekend, if not sooner!
Thank you for the few of you still even attempting to follow me. ^__^;;

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