End-of-Year Predictions - 2015 Edition

Well, I got 4 guesses right, last year, so I'm gonna give this one more whack until I truly can't figure out what Bandai's doing! 


Given how absolutely horrid the MG schedule had been this year, it's very difficult to predict the future of this line. My only guesses from the line being accurate were the Gundam Double-X, though slated for next year, and the Banshee Norn... BUT it being a P-Bandai Exclusive... Twice. I've pretty much given up on any rhyme or reason behind their MG releases.

 Build Burning Gundam
I imagine it'll be made at some point. Being a popular HG as it is, it's only logical (...) to make a better MG of it, especially being a main protagonist MS. Speaking of which...

 Gundam G-Self
Another that should come along sooner or later, especially given its very unique look and generous potential for LED sales.

Gundam X Maoh
We got the Gundam X this year, so I imagine the mold was made with the Mao Yasaka variant in mind.

Gundam Exia Amazing
With the Dark Matter getting an MG, this would be an easy pallet swap release with only a few new parts included. Though, likely P-Bandai, it's kinda hard saying, looking at the Unicorn 03 Phenix and the Astray Blue Frame D.

Wing Gundam Fenice
Another that I'm surprised we didn't see, with the popularity of the Fenice during Build Fighters' original airing. Though I don't know how much would have to be remolded due to the Wing's vaguely older mold.

I still stand by some kind of other 3.0 make of either a Zaku or Zeta at some point, but that may be falsely influenced by the old Bandai habits. I assume another annual Ver.Ka kit, too, but while the last 3 had been Char's Counterattack related main units, I think it'll move on. To where, I can't even guess.

(And all concurrent HGXX series)

Well, I had 3 of these being right, even though one was a serious shot in the dark. I feel this line seems to be picking up in favor by Bandai, about to hit 200 numbered kits in far less time than the MG line, and 100 of those being only in the last 4 years!

 Xi Gundam
Still holding out hopes with this, especially with the confirmation of the Crossbone Gundam X1 coming to fruition. It would still be an impressive display in this line.

 Full Armor ZZ Gundam
With upgraded suits making the line quite a bit, lately, I still feel this is only a matter of time. And honestly, I feel more like they just keep pushing this one off. If I had to guess, they're tossing around the idea of including the Hyper Mega Cannon, which would be nice but unnecessary.

Victory Gundam Hexa
An easy variant of the standard Victory, though might be more suited to a P-Bandai...

Since we got a Turn-A HG this year, hopefully its rival suit will follow. It's a perfect excuse to market the exclusive Moonlight Butterfly effect again.

Freedom Gundam
Just because they redid the Aile Strike and their strange favorability of SEED, I can see a redo of Freedom coming around, eventually, once again judging by the releases of second-tier main MS's.

As usual, I have a lot of these ones in my head, but I'm trying to avoid this turning into a wish list... "Trying" being the keyword, here.


 Honestly, I don't even want to bother with this one. Like the MG's, Bandai's reasoning for releases seem completely arbitrary, now, and I have not the foggiest what they want with this line. I know they have several teased designs that the Z'Gok came from a few years ago that still haven't seen a prototype, so there's the chance of another one of those appearing. Past that, I'm honestly stumped.


A very promising line that takes obscure or complicated suits and makes into aesthetically MG-esque kits. With the first kit of the Nightingale being the christening kit in the line, the endless possibilities are there, but there's almost too many to predict for a year's span. Especially given their rather slow release trickle.
I could take a shot in the dark at what we may see from this line eventually, but as for this year, they're too sporadic to tell. So far, only one announced kit is from an animated work.

Xi Gundam
Once again, an obscure massive mobile suit that people have been clamoring for but may be too complex for MG, the Xi Gundam is a great candidate for this! It or the Penelope.

A LONGSHOT choice, but I know it's popularity is there among some groups of fans, and it does have a rather unique design. Maybe an HGUC seems more plausible? 0083 is almost out of suits, in that line.

Okay. Seriously. Bandai has no excuse now. Just make it like an up-scaled HGUC with better reinforcements in the binder joints and you have a feasible 1/100 Kshatriya.

Hyaku-Shiki Kai
I've seen a lot of love for this suit over the years, so it's another obscure unit that's perfect for this line. Coating might topple the price, though...


I don't really plan to cover any of the currently-airing series lines since kits are announced before the suits are even introduced in-show. But, with the recently revealed HG The Origin line, with the only two kits announced being the Guntank Early Type and Char's Zaku II, I imagine the RX78-02 Gundam will be teased or released prior to its showing, in similar fashion to the Banshee HGUCs. I am very much looking forward to that line!

The BB Senshi line has also been getting some love, lately, but also has a strange release pattern that's proving difficult to guess. Though it's almost not even a gamble to say we will at least see a G-Self prototype or full kit before the end of next year.

 Of course, the soon-to-release Unicorn Gundam Perfect Grade, which blind-sided a LOT of us, means both that that line isn't dead, but also that no other releases are going to be likely for at least another year or two. But a Banshee variant is very likely, whether it be a P-Bandai item or otherwise.

Well, that's about all I got. Well, I mean, I have a LOT, but once again, I'm trying not to turn this into a wish list.
I do hope for some surprises, though, but I'm getting mighty sick of main suits getting P-Bandai'd...

Till next time! Ja-ne!

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