Washing away the soot and respackling the walls (Update - FINAL)

The last post to my catchup series will also be the shortest, but none the less, has a few new feats I've tried. Also, I'll mention some other (not-so) news to fluff it up a bit. XD

Okay... My first kit in this update is probably one no one expected...

The HG G-Saviour [Space Mode] from the controversial "movie", G-SAVIOUR. Despite the poor forum of story-telling, had a really good lead MS design, which is probably one of Okawara's last descent Gundam designs (Expecting a lot flames for that comment). The kit isn't too bad, considering its age. Seam lines and some color separation issues do plague it moderately, but it is possible to make look good with effort.

Returning to far-more modern kits, we have the HGUC Schuzrum-Galluss from Gundam UC's final episode. I love what they did to the otherwise ugly Galluss-J by stripping it of most of its bulky armor and making it a brawler unit. The kit is amazing, as well! But be warned, all that red isn't molded...

For a change of pace, I picked up a HGBC Custom GP Base. I made the insert card using a template found pretty easily online (Sorry, don't have the link on-hand). And yes, there's a reason that card is in there...

Yuuuuuuuuuuup. Who here's surprised? No one? You, in the back? WHY!? lol
Yes, the HGBF Sengoku Astray Gundam is my first Build Fighters kit. And the treatment I gave to this thing... Well. I haven't put this much full effort into a kit in a loooooooong time. Wanting to make it more screen-accurate, I painted all the red a metallic tint using a copper enamel and a top coat of clear red. All hand-painted, mind you.

And I carried that effort over to the HGUC Victory Two Gundam. I actually got this kit back before I got the Turn-A, sort of as a shipping justifyer, and then shelved it into obscurity until October. Like the Sengoku Astray, I treated the yellow parts on the V2 in the same copper+clear color treatment, only with yellow, obviously. Something about the V2 calls for gold in place of the yellow.

And the final kit I've done, which I just finished last week is the HG Gundam G-Self from the new series, Gundam: Reconguista in G! Another interesting build with some good color separation but still requires a good amount of painting to look complete. That rifle...

AND, just received today!

Yup the HGAC Wing Gundam Zero is now in my possession! And from what's been hinted toward me, I have at least 2 more kits on the way for Christmas. Once I get this one together and painted, I'll share 'em here, along with my year-end posts.

Okay, now that I've gotten through all my kits done, lets get on with some news that's come up in my absence:

Firstly, one of the things is that Gundam UC wrapped up in June (or May, in Japan). Of course, the biggest question is did I get the final volume?

Needless to say, Yes.
The final episode brought a lot of satisfaction to the otherwise tragic UC calender, but also raised some interesting new questions. I plan on doing an article in the near future regarding my thoughts on Unicorn and its place as one of the best and most hopeful series in the Gundam metaverse. Please look forward to that!

The next thing is one of the biggest things to come from the Gunpla hobby, almost literally.

The HGUC NZ-999 Neo Zeong. Almost 3 feet of wanton destruction in plastic form.
To answer any questions, no I have not gotten this, but yes, it is in the plans. I plan to get this sometime in tax season if I can't sooner. With my collected HGs in the 80's now, this would be an amazing milestone to mark my 100th HG kit!

And the final piece, and most recent one, is the re-licensing of the Gundam franchise stateside, thanks to a deal between Sunrise and Right Stuf, Inc.!

This is absolutely HUGE news for the Gundam fandom since Bandai Entertainment's departure from the distribution scene back in 2012! It will start with the release of the original Mobile Suit Gundam as well as the first-time release here for Turn-A Gundam in Spring of 2015, and followed by the also-absent Gundam ZZ (Double-Zeta) soon after! Formats are still TBA, but I plan to purchase all releases they do, including rebuying any of Bandai's dropped titles. This needs to be supported, because I imagine this was no small feat from Right Stuf, since even FUNimation wouldn't touch the license due to the commitment required.

Also, along with the above news, Gundam The Origin has been slated for simultaneous release with the dub being by NYAV Post, who also handled Gundam UC! First episode for it is also due out in Spring of 2015, now worldwide. As soon as preorders go up, I'll link it on my side bar!

Okay... I think I've exhausted most everything I've got, for now. XD

Still working on updating my figure list, and will hopefully have that done in the next few days. Not a big deal, but still something I should keep up on.

Well, until I remember something else, that's all for now!
I will do my best to not let this place stagnate like this again.

Ja-ne, everyone! Until next time!

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