Gundam Wing Revival Project

Any of my readers like me, who were brought in the Gundam fold with New Mobile Report Gundam W? Or just a fan of the largest cross-media alternate universe-based Gundam series? Now's your chance to show your appreciation toward the almost-20 year old series (Japan), as well as your Gunpla prowess! A facebook group called the Gundam Wing Revival Project is running 2 build competitions (depending on your preferred build style) and a photo competition for those who feel their builds aren't up to snuff but can pose 'em till the SUNRISEs! (I see what you did there)

You can find all the rules and prizes in the above link, and be sure to read 'em carefully for your corresponding level. And just an FYI that yours truly will be in the second competition with my unbuilt MG XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock Ver.EW.

Hope to see some fellow Gunotas there, as well!


HGUC 1/144 MSN-02 Zeong Review

Char’s final mobile suit used during the One Year War, the Zeong held the title as being the first MS that Char piloted that wasn’t a unit customized for his use (On-screen, anyway). I never got this one previously, so this was a brand new addition against my old line-up.


HGUC 1/144 MS-06S Char's Zaku II Review

 In 2001, when the US releases of the HGUC line were out (to run alongside the broadcast of Mobile Suit Gundam), there was the issue of lack of 0079-based kits in the line, with the RX-78-2 Gundam just being released in Japan and was converted for domestic sale (with the Hyper Bazooka and Core fighter removed for unknown reasons, aside from making it cheaper, I guess). Especially with the lack of any of Char’s mobile suits being introduced into the line. Bandai did a quick-fix for this problem for us with a recolored HG 08th MS Team MS-06F/J Zaku II, complete with it’s own original boxart and manual.



Well, 3 months later, we're finally at our new base of operations (or "home," as some people would like to call it). I've got a job that's... well, it's a long story I won't bore you all with, but NONE THE LESS it's a job. I've gotten reacquainted with old friends, and my love for art has been steadily returning to me... But you're not here for any of that stuff, are you?


And I don't expect you to be, since this is a Gunpla blog, after all! 

This is an updated photo (from my new setup) of all model kits - Gunpla and Plamo alike - done during the Year of Our Lord (Kamina) 2011. I've got many more since then (listed largely in my last post, and all but one done and assembled). I've been writing out my reviews for the next few kits, and I've planned to format them (as Blogger has changed a bit since I've been away) and get them up soon.
(For real, this time)

So, until then, a teaser of my builds since my "back home again"...