Well, 3 months later, we're finally at our new base of operations (or "home," as some people would like to call it). I've got a job that's... well, it's a long story I won't bore you all with, but NONE THE LESS it's a job. I've gotten reacquainted with old friends, and my love for art has been steadily returning to me... But you're not here for any of that stuff, are you?


And I don't expect you to be, since this is a Gunpla blog, after all! 

This is an updated photo (from my new setup) of all model kits - Gunpla and Plamo alike - done during the Year of Our Lord (Kamina) 2011. I've got many more since then (listed largely in my last post, and all but one done and assembled). I've been writing out my reviews for the next few kits, and I've planned to format them (as Blogger has changed a bit since I've been away) and get them up soon.
(For real, this time)

So, until then, a teaser of my builds since my "back home again"...


Joe said...

YAY!!!! HE'S BACK!!!!

Glad to see you're settled in and have a job and are back in the game. I'm most looking forward to the review of Psyco Gundam!

OZKai said...

That one'll be a bit off until I finish the promised reviews from... God. When was that?
*goes back into the depths of the archives*

Tom said...

Big Psyco Gundam is big! Congratz on settling into a new home and job!

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