Gundam Wing Revival Project

Any of my readers like me, who were brought in the Gundam fold with New Mobile Report Gundam W? Or just a fan of the largest cross-media alternate universe-based Gundam series? Now's your chance to show your appreciation toward the almost-20 year old series (Japan), as well as your Gunpla prowess! A facebook group called the Gundam Wing Revival Project is running 2 build competitions (depending on your preferred build style) and a photo competition for those who feel their builds aren't up to snuff but can pose 'em till the SUNRISEs! (I see what you did there)

You can find all the rules and prizes in the above link, and be sure to read 'em carefully for your corresponding level. And just an FYI that yours truly will be in the second competition with my unbuilt MG XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock Ver.EW.

Hope to see some fellow Gunotas there, as well!

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Thanks for sharing, dude!

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