MG Sangrock: Status Update

"It wouldn't surprise me if one day he started saying that his 
lack of effort is the reason there's no air in outer space." 
                                            -Duo Maxwell (EW Episode 1: Silent Orbit)

Not much, here. Figured if I can't get a new review up, then I can at least update you guys with my in-progress of the MG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock Ver.EW I'm doing for the Gundam Wing Revival Project Group Build.

All the inner detail I've done for the cockpit, including the fully painted Quatre Raberba Winner. I'm doing a lot of the frame detail by ear, but the cockpit and pilot's seat were all referenced using screenshots from both the TV series and Endless Waltz (for higher detail's sake). I wish I'd taken more pics of it, but C'est la vie...

And the completed frame.  Once again, I devised the color layout for the frame by ear, not referencing anyone's floating around on the interwebs. I'm quite proud of the results thus far, as I almost never put this kind of detail into an MG's frame; seeing as it never gets seen once buried beneath the outer shell.

Also, not normal for me, I painted the standing Quatre figure, for--
Honestly, just for the hell of it.

Don't expect to see anymore updates for this, though, as I'll save those for a full review some time after the contest!

Until next time, old friend.

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