Year in Review: 2013

After the beast that was 2012, A.D.2013 turned out to be a much fairer mistress. Sure, there were quite a few downs, but few were near as harsh as the last few years prior. New job, good friends, and a new life with my wife, Sarah. Those things alone help make a mediocre year great. So thank you, 2013. You're the first year in a long time that I'll actually miss.


End-of-Year Wishlist - 2014 Edition

So, I dropped the ball on this, last year, and the year before, only 3 of my predictions came true, but that's not gonna stop me from making my predictions for 2014!


I'm not gonna guess too much on this line regarding Gundam Build Fighters, since all the main ones -sans the Zaku Amazing- have already been announced, so I'll be focusing on other series.

RX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn
"One more chance to milk the Unicorn mold," you say? Despite mislead rumors of seeing it at the Gunpla Expo late last month, I don't doubt its probability for a 2014 release. Especially with the final episode of Unicorn right around the corner.

RGM-96X Jesta Cannon
Also another easy-out, since it's largely the same, just with added armor and weapons.
The better question is; will it be a dreaded P-Bandai Exclusive? In any case, a welcome addition, to be sure.

GX-0099-DX Gundam Double X
I might be a bit premature in this one, but seeing how fast they churned out the GAT-X series of Gundams (but how slow they were with the XXXG ones), it's moderately reasonable that we might at least see wind of a Double X MG by 2014's end. Here's hoping against plating on that one, too.

NZ-666 Kshatriya
I know there'd been a lot of talk in the past about the improbability of this one, but I still think they can find a way, especially with the recent switchover to lighter plastic. And now, with two other variant designs, it's perfect fodder for more Online Exclusives.

XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Ver.EW (Remake)
They did so with the Aile Strike Ver.RM, despite almost no need to. And the Proto Zero's frame is possible to house a slightly bulkier "W-Gundam Zero Custom," this would be a good way to kick off the eventual (sometime this century) releases of the rest of the G-Boys' upgraded units.

MS-06S Char's Zaku II Ver.3.0
It's inevitable, really. When an RX-78-2 kit comes out, this Zaku's always right behind it.

I'd like to comment on the possibility of the AGE-3 and AGE-FX's releases, but the fact that a whole year after their prototype's reveal and nothing further from them, it might be safe to say they've been indefinitely shelved. I -for what it's worth- kinda liked the AGE-FX's design, and would have like to have seen that one come to fruition. It's still possible, but I'm not betting on it...

Next up:

(Including FC/AC/AW/CC/CE/Whatever else can be tacked on, here)

 Once again, Build Fighters seems to steadily be trickling out almost every unique design that's graced it's scenes, so I'll let that series be.

RX-160 Byarlant
With the announcements of the Döven Wolf and Dreissen getting their original ZZ iterations next year, I would like to hope for a faithful Zeta release of this guy in the second half of next year. Also, those two lead me to another hopeful release, as well...

FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam
Since the regular release 3 years ago, now, it's been largely hinted that this would be made. With obvious gate-switches and the general popularity, the fact it's gone this long's kinda been unnerving. But with the aforementioned Döven Wolf and Dreissen coming next year, it seems the ol' Double Zeta's finally getting some recognition - no doubt thanks to DAISUKI.net's streaming of the series.

NZ-666 Kshatriya Besserung
This one screams "P-Bandai Exclusive!" However, there's always the chance of the necessary parts being thrown into the Kshatriya Repair's package. In which case, I will buy two. XD

The mysterious top secret machine being built in the depths of the Rewloola, Frontal's final MS/MA that's being so sefe-guarded is a surefire marketing strategy... Assuming the thing's not so big it's impractical to gunpla. (Yes, I used that word as a verb, now ^_^;;)

Any of the XXXG Gundams
The recent ALL GUNDAM PROJECT has pretty much assured that every series will be covered, now, and the HGAC line being launched at the forefront shows Wing's precedence to Bandai. So, it's only a matter of time before we see the rest of the Gundams announced.

XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1
This one and my next, while kinda long-shots, are also quite likely, at some point or another. The AGP released the F91, which allowed the easy variant of the Harrison Martin F91... Which is from Crossbone. Hell, it's even got the X-1 on the box! (No logo, though, which is kinda odd...)

RX-105 Xi Gundam
Ooooh, This is definitely a long-shot entry, but my, how I long for this as a legit kit (since it did get an SD just last month). It would be the tallest Gundam (Not counting the Dendrobium or Psycho Gundams) in the line, and would be impressive to stand alongside the rest of the suits. It's novel-only status is it's only possible setback...

JDG-00X Devil Gundam
The one carry-over from my 2012 list, but still a valid one, I feel. It's massive, but not "mobile armor" big, so I could see it getting one of them $60 boxes. Unfortunately, it's poor showing in Build Fighters might ave caused a bit of a stir against this one. :\

I have a million for the HGUC line, but they seem a lot less likely (I still really want a Quin Mantha/Queen Mansa, but I'm sure that's asking a bit much). So, I'll follow up, now with...


A line I've not kept a large interest in, but I feel like it'd be a bit biased to discount it on just my opinion of the line.

RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A Physalis
Seeing the line's trend of going with a protagonist/antagonist release method, this is an obvious choice.
I would be curious to see how they would make the shield work, much less the thruster binders and bazooka.

RX-78GP03S Gundam GP03 Stamen
Another obvious choice to follow up the line. I'd be curious as to how they would execute some of the gimmicks, such as the claw arms, whether or not they'd do the Core Fighter, and it's compatibility with the Dendrobium HG...

Any of those teased earlier this/last year are really all I have to go on, with Strike Freedom being the latest and Gundam Exia announced, it's clear they've finally lost the grouped release scheduling they had been going with. For all it's worth, I like the technology in this line, but it's absurdly difficult to predict what they have in mind for it's future.

Sadly, with no new Perfect Grade kits in almost 4 years, now, it's likely that the P-Bandai Blue Frame Astray is the last entry in the line. It's been a good run, but it's hard to not gamble with a line where any suit, popular or otherwise, is gonna cost around $200. The MG's are doing a good job trying to fill its shoes in detail and articulation, though, finally. 

That's all I got, folks! I'm really hoping this is a bit more accurate than my 2012, but I also hope for some more good surprises, as well! There's a whole lot more they can do, with all the new projects and series coming along, and even the possibility of yet a new line, we could be looking at a real hayday from Bandai, this coming year. I hope they meet all of your ambitions as much as I hope they meet mine! Until next time!