End of Year Wishlist

I couldn't go to 2012 without adding my current 2-cents (sorry Siroh32) on Gunpla's current standing. With Gundam Unicorn's 4th episode out and my mind completely blown by it, I feel this is a good time to post my wishlist for upcoming gunpla... Unreasonable or otherwise.

Master Grade

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 "Banshee"
An obvious "front-runner" choice, given the popularity of the OVA and the unit's breathtaking entrance at the end of Ep. 4. I'm curious to see how the MG would handle the gold psychoframe, given the HGUC's unpopular choice...

RX-78-6 Gundam Unit 6 Mudrock
I know Zeonic Front is over 10 years old now, but this is still one of my favorite One Year War Gundams, and only having a flimsy GFF is quite unbearable...

NZ-666 Kshatriya
Everyone who reads my blog knows that the Kshatriya is, by far, my favorite Zeon MS thus far. And knowing it's size, this would make for one hell of a display piece! Although I cringe at the thought of it's price tag...

RGM-89S Stark Jegan
I know they have yet to do an MG standard Jegan, but this thing just screams "Heavyweight MG"! With the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam using the innards of the Stark Jegan's missile pods, it's not unreal to see a future release of this.

MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Ver.2.0
While the first one was alright, it had it's share of structural flaws that are easily remedied with today's Gunpla technology. This would be a worthy candidate after the successful HGUC conversion.

RX-160 Byarlant
I know everyone's gonna say "Why not the Byarlant Custom!? It was TEH AEWSOEMZ!" And they're right. But why should a custom get the spotlight when the original hasn't seen plastic since 1987!? Plus this was Zeta's direct rival before Scirocco/The-O entered the scene. It's unique in design enough. So, why not?

I'm sure I have others (such as any of the rest of the Endless Waltz Gundams), but this is about to become a longer list, anyway...

High Grade Universal Century (Including Across the UC's)

RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam
Another inevitable entry, assuming the anime version doesn't change drastically in appearance (though it would be neat to see). For the weapons ALONE, I would get this kit twice!

JDG-00X Devil Gundam
A perfect chance to show how far Gunpla has come would be to add this to the HGFC lineup! I loathed the original NG and would love to see this design get some nice props. The old MSiA figure was good. Let's see this better!

The Four Three Other Heavenly Kings

Grand Gundam

Gundam Heaven's Sword

Walter Gundam
The old MSiA's for these were neat as hell and would love to see these machines all get their proper Gunpla treatment. Being able to combine them all (Master Gundam included) would just be the cherry on the cake!

A start to a High Grade After Colony line

(No Picture Required, seriously)

I'm sure they're just trying to get the MG's out of the way before pelting us with smaller, cheaper, more anime-accurate kits of the popular series, but I DON'T GIVE A FU**! They at least need to throw us a bone (or a Wing) to let us know they're going to do some HGAC's! I definitely want to see some of the grunt MS get some love this time around! No Limited Model Leo or Taurus BS!

MSM-08 Zogok
What is it about Gundam UC that makes me want all these grunt MS's!?! This was totally ballin' in it's short appearance (As well as the Juaggu and Efreet Custom), and made me love an heretofore hated MS design. Heat sword, PLZ?

RX-160S Byarlant Custom
Despite my earlier statement, this thing definitely deserves the HGUC treatment! The one impressive EFF MS to show up in this episode (face it, the Jestas got almost no screen time), and fought on equal terms with most of the Zeon Remnants' army! I would love to see the original Jerid Messa version get it's HGUC on, but this would very much be a welcome addition!

NZ-000 Queen Mansa
I would love to see more large-sized entries into the line, with the scale being more cost-effective to consumer and corporate entities alike. And also for being the ancestor to the Kshatriya, it would be awesome to see this (and a Full Armor ZZ Gundam to boot) get a full HGUC iteration!

MSN-08 Elmeth
Poor Lalah. So important to the story, yet so ignored, model-wise. Yes, this would be huge. No, I don't care. The Elmeth is an integral part of the original 0079 story, and if something as immobile as the Dendrobium can get an HGUC, surely this can, as well! It wouldn't be all that complicated. Just big! $150, tops! C'mon, Bandai!

I could keep doing this all day, but sadly, I got other things to do. I plan to get one more update in before year's end. Possibly a recap post.
See 'ya, then!

All MS design images courtesy of MAHQ


canopy said...

Errrr..... the Grand Gundam, Gundam Heaven's Sword, and Walter Gundam........
I understand about the others, but how is these three??? :D :D

OZKai said...

@canopy Gundam Heaven's Sword is definitely my favorite out of the Four Kings. And if they make one, they'd better make them all. I want a Grand Master Gundam, gundammit!! XD

Zeon_Two_Six said...

I honestly agree with most of the suggestions here, but I doubt the heavenly kings would get the HGFC treatment that easily.

As for HGAC's, I sense that the Leo could be good as a twin set type.

OZKai said...

@Zeon-Two-Six They could milk the Leos with all of their variants easily enough. But, yes, the standard Leo could be a twin set. I wanna see some Maguanacs, though!

Anonymous said...

-- I would be more accepting of the Banshee as an MG before the reveal of the OVA version being different from the original novel version. Sure, the differences between it and Unicorn in the novels was a color scheme and V-fin in appearance, and that the difference between Banshee's novel and OVA versions are minor (and that the novel's armaments appear for the HGUC models), but I wasn't excited about the different armaments, and the additional yellow/gold near the top of the MS in the design looked like someone spilled some and was trying to cover it up with more gold, rather than having it kept minimal in it's normal mode.

Before Ngee Khiong ceased his Gunpla News blog, there was an entry featuring someone customizing an MG Unicorn (either OVA or ver. Ka, I don't know) that really sold me on this as being a Unicorn-related Gunpla I'd get. Today, I'm not so sure.

-- I was more fond of the RX-78-5 as handled by Katoki, but mainly because it reminded me of his interpretation of the XXXG-01H, which will be released in short order. (I'm iffy about the placement of the attachable combat knife, though; I'm betting it was to reuse the forearm part of the previous XXXG releases, but it made more sense to place it at the "bottom" side of the forearm as per the GotL manga.)

-- The possibility of an MG Kshatriya was discussed in a Q&A I blogged about in June; it would need a metal frame, and given today's economy, the cost would be worse than what you had imagined, therefore it wouldn't be possible today. And despite seeing MG AGEs and a SEED-related one, the same Q&A mentioned that there's a move to make more RGs and fewer MGs, because they'd be cheaper.

-- I'd be fine with Katoki's version with the Jegan. I think there was a Tamashii Web Shop Limited production of an Robot Damashii Jegan, which was based on the RD Stark Jegan... *shrug*

-- I might get the HGUC version of ZZ, but most likely would first pick up the GFF figure of it. The design isn't so bad; it certainly has feel of the '80s, which isn't bad, even if I wasn't a kid of that decade.

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