Copious Inactivity Ahead

If it's not completely apparent already, my reviews have fallen way behind. And, unfortunately, is unlikely to progress anytime soon.
My work has been giving me around 40 hours a week, which is roughly 10-15 more than usual. And, to top it off, holiday season is beginning, meaning when I'm there, it's complete chaos. I've had very little down time to relax, much-less even get in a reviewing mind-set. And if that weren't enough, our inevitable exodus back to Indiana is inching closer, meaning packing is soon upon us. We've got a lot to take care of before then, and job-hunting takes priority. As does saving money for a potential extended period of time being unemployed.

So, long story short, this blog's not going to see much action (if any) until all of this is settled and past. I greatly apologize to those who've been looking forward to my review series (and I do appreciate those of you who take the time to read my ramblings). Once at our new home, I plan to set up a more elaborate studio for the photo shoots, and I'll also be free to cover all of my MG's and other kits that have been packed away since the opening of this blog.

I'll keep you all updated as any changes occur, and hope for a smooth transition when that time comes.

Illustration by Morishita Naochika


Siroh32 said...

Well, since not much has changed in my area, I have plenty of time for my hobby... I just never get around to it! But I finally have, so if you have a few minutes of off-time, I think it's better spent on [insert-your-console-here] gaming rather than any reviews I have. :P (I'm enjoying getting my rear end handed to me in Tekken 6 online for PS3 as I await GEV's release.)

Just as I was with Z's blog, I'll be patient with your inactivity for the variety of valid reasons made known. I have plenty to do during my off-time anyway, and probably should get to some of 'em for the one or two people that read my blog.

OZKai said...

I'm hoping some awesome soul imports me Vs. Extreme... Just Watched the 12 minute gameplay trailer. So.... Overkill.

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