I HAVE RETUR-- Hey, where'd everyone go...?

Okay, everyone! Been a long time coming, but I can finally get everything back to speed (well, sorta, anyway ^_^;;) It's been a crazy last couple months, but the fact that it's all over and I can now sigh with relief that I am now a married man is all the reward I need... But, plastic crack can help, too. XD

Last I left you guys, I had a good lot done on my MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, and was finishing up the weapons. Well, that's long done, and is ready to intimidate the room with it's over-armed presence.

T'was a tedious and overwhelming project, but I love the final look of this thing, and even high atop a shelf, it's an eye-catcher!

The decal hell this provided was a great test for my patience and really enjoyed the whole process of the build.

Now that that's done, I've acquired a couple more kits and finished them in good time, too!

The second was a a prize I had won from Daisuki.net's Second Promotional Giveaway, from which I won the RG 1/144 Zeta Gundam!

Despite my gripes about the RG series (which still hold after this build), I did enjoy this one, because the engineering in this kit is absolutely amazing! I swear, if they do decide to MG 3.0 Zeta based on this design, I may not be able to say "no"...

The next obtainment came as a gift from a friend of mine, and was one I had been wanting since its announcement back in August: The HGAC 1/144 Wing Gundam!

Just from the build, you can sense the whole new feeling of "compatibility" they're aiming for with future HGUC releases. I still have yet to determine if this is a good  thing or a bad thing, but as the front-runner to All Gundam Project, it's stood its ground very well! Wing, being what brought me into the Gundam fold, always had a special place in my heart, so I look forward to the expansion of the HGAC line.

Moving right along, I also decided to pick up another new-release kit I saw at my local HobbyTown USA that was screaming "must have!" The HG-SEED 1/144 Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina.

I LOVED this design! Granted, I'm very partial to the Astrays, but can you really blame me!
(Fun fact: I picked this kit up on my wedding day XD)

Between these kits, I've also finished the 2 BB Senshi kits I had gotten back at ACEN earlier this year, the Unicorn Gundam and Sinanju.

Both of these provided interesting challenges, but nonetheless, were fun to do. My wife (at-the-time fiance) did the original build for these and I just did the painting, detailing and cleanup, but she still did an excellent job, and I'm getting her some newer SD kits down the line to fuel the burning fire of Gunpla!

And while that's all I've built, now, I've obtained two more larger projects.

The first came after some finally getting some excess money, and another MG that was almost obligatory when announced...

Ooooh, the ambitions I have for this one. I also have the Expansion Set on the way for it, but have hit some snags in it's delivery. :\

The final kit in my queue is one that no one expected, but was a pleasant and wanted sight. And my obtainment of it also reflected this.

Sent as a present from a circle of Gunpla friends I reside with elsewhere in the interwebz, the MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Proto Zero Ver.EW was acquired, and as you can see from her face, will be the downfall of my new marriage. XD (Not really, she was just as happy!)

That's all for my Gunpla catch-up post, and hopefully, I won't have to do one of these again. I do have some figures I've also gotten, but will post those separately later.
After the holidays pass, I have a few kits who's reviews are being written, but I'll probably roll all of them out in the new years, so I can have a clean slate of time to work with.

So, ja-ne! Until next time, kids!!