I'd been waiting for 9 long months, but Bandai did not disappoint! And for those who recall, I listed this in my End-of-year Wishlist...

HGUC 1/144 RX-160S Byarlant Custom
Release Date: November 2012 / Price: ¥2,730

While this pushes the ever-growing bocklog of Unicorn-based HGUC's I need to get to 16, I really don't care! This will either be a day-one purchase or is going on my wishlist to everybody (and I'll graciously accept duplicates! XD) 
I know there's also a lot of talk going around about the just-announced MG 1/100 nu Gundam Ver.Ka. But, frankly speaking, It's too far a departure from everything I love about nu Gundam.

It's too riddled with random panel lines and layered parts, and completely lacks the streamlined look that Izubuchi gave the original. I dunno. Color me Gravely Skeptical.
It feels like Katoki's trying too hard to tie its design to Unicorn...

Well, just a random news post from Slowpoke me.


Zeon_Two_Six said...

... more like a response to the MC Gundoom, if you ask me.

Still, with the Byarlant on the way, I would not be surprised if someone paints it in LA Lakers colors, with a no. 24 decal... XD

OZKai said...

Wouldn't it had to have missed more for that to be accurate? XD
... Kobe! *swish*

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