D-Arts Zero!!!

D-Arts Rockman X Zero [1st Ver.]
Bandai / Release: Late August / Price: 3675 yen

I couldn't resist! This is so awesome it makes my face hurt!
First off, it's X1 Zero! I don't think anything has been made for this version. Plus, knowing Bandai, there will be variants, so heads up for the X2 and up Zeros down the line!

I still need to somehow get the X that just came out in Japan, but if the rumors are true and it will be officially released stateside, I might save the couple dollars and wait...

I can only hope the boxart is still as kick-ass as this!



Joe said...

WAIT! Stateside release for the Megaman X Figure?! Where would they sell it? I want one! I still have some of BanDai's old Rockman figures, Vile Mk II, X3 Zero and the Max Armor for Megaman... but no Megaman to go with it :-P.

OZKai said...

@Joe so far this is all I have to go on, but it seems legit.

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