My mascot: Why?

I'm sure for the few of you who are wondering where the picture in my logo bar comes from, this may answer some questions...

"GerberaXTiger" by Dustin"OZKai" Wilkinson

This was a picture I did shortly after I got the MG kit in November, but only finished it days ago. Currently, The Astray Red Frame is my favorite MS design, if for the Master Grade alone! There's very little about the actual design I can say that Z didn't already in his review of the kit, but, for one, it's color scheme matches my logo(s) I've made since 2005 exactly: Red White and Black. It has the "Kai" symbol emblazoned all over it. And, this was just too weird, but the model number is just too similar to my screen name:


Seriously!!! This thing is awesome! And because of that, I feel awesome! THAT is why it's my mascot.

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