My final photo (currently) showcasing my HGUC's. So far, I've kept my collection pretty neutral!
Not pictured: Dendrobium (for space reasons) and Gundam GP01Fb 'LPE' because of it's unofficiality, and Unicorn U-Mode. ^_^'

As you can tell from the horrendous quality of the photo, this is the biggest reason my new reviews have been on hold. Hopefully, a new camera will be able to be acquired soon...


Joe said...

Nice collection there, friend! I'm jealous of your Dendro. Every time I think to buy it, I find several other kits that I would rather have for the pricetag :-P

OZKai said...

@Joe I got it during a three-check month mixed with holiday pay and X-Mas money. I'd waited 9 years. I assumed that was enough, and I do not regret the purchase in the least!

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