HG 1/144 "Fighting Action" Gundam H-Arms Custom

Ah, Heavyarms... I'm quite certain the first thing I thought of when I saw this thing was, "What happens when it self-detonates?" Aside from such an apocalyptic side-thought, the overall design and color scheme makes this so much more menacing than the original white/red/orange combo of the original TV version. That and double double beam gatlings!?
This kit is interesting for the fact that, on top of the 36 missiles (upped a bit from the TV's original 30), they added an extra 8 to the front skirts, totaling a whopping 44 missiles. Seriously, how was this thing strategically suitable in a battle where they were AVOIDING KILLING THEIR OPPONENTS!?!

Front View
Rear View

As usual, no stickers were used for this, making all the little lines along the blue panels pretty tedious. having to completely paint the blue blocks on the rear skirts was a pain to color-match.

The inner torso housing the 4 chest gatlings was painted entirely in flat Gunship Gray.
The hatches on the chest and shoulders open.

The gold also proved difficult as the shoulder spikes were molded to the armor as HALVES! and since there's a very tight recess to put the gold, I just kinda let it hit the dark blue parts and painted over the excess gold. I had to make the color, anyway, so it was a much easier solution to make sure the gold stayed smooth. The gold was covered with clear yellow to seal it from rubbing off or flaking. (Same with Deathscythe H.)

The Double Beam Gatlings had to be completely painted, as they came in the teal blue... Poor choice, really. The gatlings can be stored on the backpack via the two pegs at the top of the shield.

Now, this one's "Fighting Action" bonus are swappable parts for all of the waist and leg missile pods, which I have to thank them for that, as I could see these being very fragile had they actually opened. I love the half-open look, but it doesn't really get the point across...

Time to missile-spam this bitch!

That's better! Yes, the all-out ammo-wasting full open mode is so much more intimidating! Now he's ready to not kill his enemies!

All of my complaints stated on the D-Hell Custom's review are still present on this kit, but that's it! It still stands the test of time very well, and with the right effort, it can stand alongside newer HGUC's with only it's size being the obvious difference (Which all the After Colony mobile suits are smaller than First Universal Century suits, anyway). It's still a nice kit, and I'm glad to have it back!

FINAL RATING: 3.5 out of 5

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