1/100 MBF-P02[F] Gundam Astray Red Frame "Stray Fenrir" Custom Paint Scheme

Image courtesy of Hobby Search.

We all know the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame kit from the SEED MSV line. It was the thin line between the traditional 1/100 HG's (which this is not) and at-the-time MG's (Also, is not).

Image courtesy of Hobby Search.

Having great posability and the trademark Gerbera Straight made with a chrome blade, who didn't want this kit?
Well, it took me a while to stumble upon this kit. And when I did, I was in a very experimental phase in my Gunpla-ing. I decided to do a cross-over between the Astray RF and The EL Fenrir from the Square-Enix game Xenogears.

The result (In design from):
Lineart by Junichi Akutsu (BEE-CRAFT). Color by Dustin "OZKai" Wilkinson

After the color layout was decided, I got the paints necessary. Namely, a crap-load of Tamiya Paints! A hard lesson to learn... But their Gunmetal is by far the best gunmetal I've seen yet!

The FINAL result:
I am still very proud of the end-result of this scheme!

It took a LONG amount of time to finish because of Tamiya paint's different chemical make-up than my usual Testors (They're cheap and easy to find, shut up) paints.

I don't have the paints used for this anymore, aside from the clear colors. And I didn't paint very far inside the parts, so some of the red still shows on certain (most) angles.

Since I no longer have the paints to color match imperfections, I keep this kit in a fixed-pose, eliminating the possibility of paint-chipping and bad ass pose-ary. *sob*

The symbol on the shoulder is אָשֵׁר, the Hebrew for "Asher," which was the Anima Relic that aligned with Citan Uzuki, turning the gear Heimdal into the Fenrir. I had a whole project in mind for this crossover, but it fell through when I attempted to do both an MG Strike Freedom and MG Destiny in custom colors... MG's are much more sensitive to multiple layers of paint.
*full-on cry*

The gold on this was the first of many for me to use a gold paint (Now I use gold Gundam Markers) and a clear coat of yellow. It's a great look, and with the right base, you get a true metallic appearance!

This project may have a lot of faults, but I learned a lot about custom color painting! I hope to one day be able to replicate this on the MG Astray Red Frame... Though I have something in mind for that when the day comes...


Exaz said...

Put Nataku at da side would be awesome and nice paint job btw.

OZKai said...

... It is slightly reminiscent of Gundam Nataku in this color, isn't it?

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