Review Tab Added!

Should have done this sooner, but a page listing my reviews has been added!
So, no more going through my archives to find where I reviewed so-and-so (To be reviewed next month)!
As I start to cover what I've got, this section may branch. If so, I'll keep you updated.

Also, changed the main template and layout for the page as a whole. Still fine-tuning some things, though, so sorry if any visual inconveniences come up!

Oh, and for anyone curious about the Figure List tab, this is more for straight listing and no photos are planned. If they happen, they happen. But most are still packed away, so don't expect much on that front at the moment.

On a closing note, I'm still waiting for my item for the next planned review. For those who've already guessed, apparently, I pre-ordered the domestic release, so whenever they can get it in, I'll let you know. For those who haven't guessed yet... Go here.

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