Sorry for the Wait...

Apparently my D-Arts X (might as well just say it) has been delayed until next Tuesday before shipping, so reviewing that is still a bit off.
If you're real curious about it, read Z's review, as his photos blow anything I can take out of the stratosphere!

So, to ease the patience of, what, all 2 of you, I got a small (understatement) review coming up in the next couple of days. Photos are being taken today, and hopefully resizing them and writing the review won't take too long, so I'd say Saturday at the latest.

I don't want to rush it like I did the Endless Waltz ones. Only to have to fix it later...

UPDATE: I probably won't have this up now until maybe Wednesday. Turns out it's a bigger project than I thought. That, and schedule conflicts...

UPDATE 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Part 1 of the new review series is up now!

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