HGUC 1/144 GP03 Dendrobium Review - Part 3 [Finale]

Ending this series with the docking procedure, complete weapons payload and my final verdict.

Previous parts:
[Part 1] [Part 2]

Final Part:
RX-78GP03 Gundam GP03 Dendrobium

I: Docking of the Gundam GP03S into the GP03 mobile platform Orchis

Here's the dock of the Orchis prior to the Gundam docking.
To start, the small flaps at the bottom of the weapon container covers. Also, the dock itself must be lowered.
Line up the Gundam, belly-down, with the Orchis bay.
The Gundam GP03S should be positioned like this to fit into the bay.
Once in, make sure the Gundam's arms are sitting in a way the lifts up the torso a bit.
Finally, close down the container flaps and move the dock back into place.

II: Final Assembly

GP03 Dendrobium: Front view

Now equipped with the Gundam GP03S, it doesn't really do much to alter its silhouette, but it does give it a very tiny head. You will notice that the whites between the Gundam and the Orchis vary significantly, where the Gundam's is a pure white and the Orchis has a much grayer tone. The added color of the exposed torso does give it a little more of a "Gundam" feel.

Rear view.
Gundam GP03S almost completely enclosed in the mobile armor.

III: Weapons Payload

I decided to save this for the last part to give the Orchis's review a little less bulk. Since I did already cover the large beam sabers in Part 1, the weapons that are stored in the weapons containers are as follows:

Micro Missile Pod

The micro-missile pods house 3 walls of 36 missiles. Both pods equal a total of 216 missiles.
The assembly is very straight-forward for these, and require a LOT of repetitive painting for all 216 missiles to be yellow. The thruster was painted in the same manner as every thruster on the Dendrobium.

Large Bundled Missile Pod

The large missile pods are just 3 large bundled missiles. Another straight-forward build, with the usual treatment to the three thrusters on the backside. No complicated painting for this portion.

Gundam GP03S's Armaments

Starting from the right-hand container:

Folding Shield
The shield is stored in the sliding container furthest to the right from the GP03S. It must be folded to fit into its cradle.

Mk-II Hyper Bazooka
The Mk-II bazooka stores in the nearest sliding container to the right of the GP03S.

Folding Bazooka
The folding bazooka is in the first sliding container to the left of the Gundam. Like the shield, it must be in its folded form to fit into its container.

Beam Rifle
Stores at the far left end of the left container. No special voodoo to get it in there ^^.

A very important side note about the sliding container slots: the rails these run on are almost impossible to put together as is! They require two screws each that won't even go half way into the pole no matter how much torque is applied. I've seen one person use super glue to save themselves the trouble, but I have my doubts on the long term end of that.
What I did was use a rounded-tipped metal modeling file ind twisted away at the inside of the screw hole. Once I could get the screw to actually stand in place into the groove, I was able to twist it in with no problem. They work absolutely fine with no signs of long-term damage being done.
I very much recommend this method. I may even use this on future early-2000 MG's that have screws like this.

I didn't take individual pictures of the missile pods in their respective slots, but in the open slots, the micro-missile pods go into the far-ends of the containers, and the bundled missiles go into the center ones.

Another side note...
The folding arm gimmick that was useless with the stand-alone kit as almost just as useless WITH the Dendrobium. It can just barely reach the bazookas, but can even less barely grab them...

Large Mega Beam Cannon

Finally get to use the gimmick that the Dendrobium is all about! And th-
Wait... There's nothing about the GP03S able to hold the awesome handle provided...


Oh, wait.

The hand meant for the bazookas work just fine around the cannon's grip.
Don't scare me like that, Bandai!

IV: Action

This thing is anti-posable. However, it's full-open look blows away (literally) even the likes of Gundam Heavyarms Custom! With 216 micro missiles, 6 large missiles, two bazookas, 2 large beam sabers, one HUGE F***ING CANNON, and the ability to deflect any beam attacks from a 360-degree radius, The business end of this battlefield should have lost a lot of weight from the bricks they sh-- No. Too far.

Right weapon container: FULL OPEN!
Left weapon container: FULL OPEN!


The $300-/+ might seem excessive; and it kinda is; the experience of building this beast is worth every penny! The final result is an 18 pound paperweight with the posability of a cinder block, but it's a cinder block that will draw the eye of anyone in the room you display it! Even with it's few assembly problems, I have no fonder time assembling a Gundam model kit than I do this.

4.5 OUT OF 5

Promised Fansirvice!

Height comparisons with various kits! It's all your favorites! (Overstatement) From Left to right:
HGUC 1/144 RX-78 Gundam, MG 1/100 Sazabi, MG 1/100 Gundam Ver.2.0, 1/60 Wing Gundam 0
Taller than a 1/60 scale... Just... just take that in for a moment.


Joe said...

Holy Cow! You have just sold this to me for Bandai! Contact them for commissions earned, sir.

OZKai said...


gunpla47 said...

OH-MY-GOD! I mistook then Sazabi for a HG one until I finished reading!!HOLY CRAP I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I WANT TO BUY ONE BUT THEY DON'T EVEN SELL IT HERE. Lucky you^^

OZKai said...

Just send GGinfinite or GundamPlanet.com an email. I'm not certain about GG, but GundamPlanet does deliver outside of this country. You might have some luck with them. If not, HobbyLink Japan always will!

canopy said...

The micro missile pod, you really did the paint very neat, very clean bro.
Also love how you cleanly paint and panel line the Stamen too. :D
Anyway, plan to topcoat it or maybe do some weathering?

OZKai said...

If I can get my hands on some legit Mr. Hobby top coat, then maybe. No weathering though. Handbrushing stuff like that with acrylics is a pain, and I'd hate to ruin a $300+ model on something unnecessary...

Toys and Hobbies said...

I wish I could get this monstrous armament too >_<

your work was nice and clean bro

Bobotmiester said...

awesome... just got mine.

Dustin Wilkinson said...

Awesome! Enjoy that beast!
I, soon, will have a new beast to conquer... ;)

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