OMG-SUS! Finally!!

At last! I finally received my D-Arts X from Rockman X today!
*Cheers* *Confetti* *Applause*


For my "patience" with the delay, they also sent me a Yamato Ultimate Super Robot Selection No.005 GN-U Galaxy Cyclone Braiger from the series of the same name... Since I know nothing about said series (I literally just heard of it from this figure), it shall remain unopened and tucked away. You never know; someone somewhere might find this valuable.

In the meantime, I'm still in the middle of photographing X now, and almost done writing the last reviews for my HGUC Dendrobium, so expect the next part up either today or tomorrow.
The X review will probably still be another week while I mess around with it and find all the info I need.

Until then...
Photography and manipulation by Dustin "OZKai" Wilkinson.


Joe said...

JOY! I am very much looking forward to this review!

OZKai said...

I don't think you've made me aware of that. XD

Joe said...

LOL, I'm just easily excitable over childish things... like toys XD

OZKai said...

You're not the only one. Or else I wouldn't have this blog! :D

On a side not, I wish blogger would let us reply to the direct comment...

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