Metric F-Ton of HGUC GET!

With Christmas funds comes self-gifts. And since I'm taking a rather heavy break from MG's (Plus I've gotten every game and anime that I want besides KH Re:Coded), I thought I'd start on a backlog of Gunpla to keep myself from having to pee due to boredom.
I already finished the second season of Haruhi, and even with the Endless Eight, I really liked this season! I'll review that in the future, though.

On a closing note...

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is pure concentrated awesomesauce!!!

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dredhawk said...

You got good group of models the only one i have in the pic the HG Gouf Custom. I lack money at the moment so i cant buy gunpla. I didn't relies how addicted i was to gunpla until i couldn't really buy models anymore. LOL I see the latest something i wont to buy it then i think i don't have the money.

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