À Mon Seul Désir

Wanted to do a follow-up on my previous posting, as I had just yesterday finished the last kit form my horde. I'll be doing mini-reviews for these, and I'll probably save larger reviews for more rare or special releases.

On a side note, I figured now owning 4 Gundam UC models warranted the viewing of the OVA (Thus far).
I must say, I'm very impressed. I haven't been this optimistic about a Gundam release since 2002, and it's very interesting to see this being released in the US simultaneously with Japan. Now, I just wish Bandai Visual USA would get off they're cautious asses and get to licensing the missing segments of the UC era: Namely Gundam ZZ and V Gundam...


canopy said...

I see a HGUC Dendrobium Orchis..... :D :D
six unit in 2 weeks, that was fast dude!! :D

OZKai said...

While the Dendrobium wasn't part of those six (obvoiusly), I finished that monster in just under a week. However I went back and panel-lined it, so I felt the need to have an updated family photo of my HGUC's.
I'm still meaning to do one with all my MG's, but finding a place to fit them all together's gonna be a pain... I have upwards of 30.
Thanks! And BTW, I added your blog to my links!

canopy said...

Hehehe, yea I also have the difficulties in putting all the models on the display. Sometime I put them back to the box, and put the lucky gunpla model on the display. :D
Oh and BTW too, thx maan. :D :D

OZKai said...

Had to flatten my boxes. Ran out of space to store them T_T So everything I have must go out.
More than anything, I just need more sufficient shelving. The ones I have are plastic and sub-par, at best.

Stephen said...

They can just leave ZZ in japan. it proble almost as bad as G Savior. as for V gundam that would be great for them to bring it offer. would rather have V gundam or Gundam X then Turn A Gundam. Turn A Gundam was ok but not one my fav.

OZKai said...

I still eel I'm missing too much of the first Neo-Zeon war that's brought up constantly in Char's Counterattack and Gundam UC. Plus, being a Universal Century fan, I couldn't live with myself if I never watch it.
And BTW, NOTHING could be near as bad as G-Saviour. Even SEED/Destiny (Terrible characters, story and direction)has more going for it than that filth!

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