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Well, I finally got my review of the D-Arts X out of the way, and finished my long-ago started HGUC Kshatriya review done. Now, free time isn't hitting too often thanks to work and real life stuff. So, while I'm waiting on things to slow down and figure out what I'm going to review next, I figure I'll take this moment to ask you:

What do you want me to review?

Once again, I can't review any of my Master Grades (save for one) until probably mid next year, once we've moved. However all of my 1/144's and some other kits are still in grabbing distance. So my options for you will be those in the photo above.

HGUC RX-77-2 Guncannon
HGUC RX-75 Guntank
HGUC MS-06S Char's Zaku II
HGUC PMX-003 The-O
HGUC MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam
HGUC MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher
HGUC RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A
HGUC RX-93 nu Gundam
HGUC MSN-04 Sazabi
HGUC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode]
HGUC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode]
HGUC RGM-89S Stark Jegan
HGUC MSN-010 ZZ Gundam
HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju
HGUC MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom
HGSEED GAT-X105E Strike Noir Gundam
King Kittan
(Gurren Lagann Plain Collection Series)
Test Type Unit-01 [Ver.Break] Awakening Ver.

Let me know in either the comments or in the Chat Box.
I'll sprinkle some surprise one's in the mix that aren't pictured, while I'm at it.
Someone besides the blogwalkers need to use it...


Yami said...

I would like to see Hyaku Shiki and if possible please give more pictures for the mega bazooka launcher.

Siroh32 said...

Well, since I'm given a chance to help pick out something, I'll go ahead and address this before your recently-released HGUC review. I think I've come down to three possible interests:

My first is the MS-06S Zaku II: I have the mass-production version myself, seen in an image or two (on my DA page and blog) promoting my FLAT review. Because they're almost the same (like the GP02As*), I'll consider it practically the same review, but in a different perspective.
It's been a while since I've seen Z's review of the MG equivalent, but I eventually want to get an MG Zaku II 2.0 with some extra weapon parts unique to the 1.0. And with the MP version of the Zaku II coming out in RG and RD forms soon, it'll be nice to see a perspective on the older HGUC ones different from my own (that wants to see Zakus as Borjarnons with odd side-entry cockpits different from the anime). I've pondered about getting Katoki's variant/redesign in HGUC form (the F2), or Okawara's more-detailed 08th MS team version...

My second--and more likely--choice is the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam: I've eventually wanted to get this in HGUC form sooner or later, since I like the design. I still have yet to, and I've only seen Dalong's review of it.

A runner up is the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom you got there, but I'm more interested in the 2.0 Gouf (and now the RD announced and seen). I think everyone's going to be hard pressed to find a Gouf that can actually attempt to kneel, and unless an RG comes up after Freedom, it'll be improbable or even impossible under the 1/100-scale. Unless there was an HCM-Pro version that could do it and I forgot... But in any case, I'm more interested in the MG Gouf 2.0 for it's articulation and internal frame than I am in the HGUC. Not to say I wouldn't ever get the Gouf Custom (though the first HGUC Gouf would probably be cheaper right now)...

*I have the GP02A MLRS, and by now it has deteriorated to having slightly looser joints, broken/re-glued arms (with missing upper-arm armor on one of them due to it chipping off somehow) and a couple of other problems. Not to mention minimal detail...

OZKai said...

+1 Hyaku-Shiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher

+1 Char's Zaku II
+.5 Zeta Gundam
+.5 Gouf Custom

Alright. Anyone else?

Siroh32 said...

Let me add a bit of advice, something I'm going to be soon planning...

...When you actually get around to similar models (or models of the same MS in different modes) already completed and ready for a review, why not combine it all into one review? As I'm thinking of taking a similar approach, I noticed your two HGUC Unicorn Gundam models, so I thought I'd mention this.

OZKai said...

Don't worry, I've already had something in mind for those...

Siroh32 said...

This is a bit off-topic, but since you described yourself a mild gamer, I was checking to see if you mentioned anything about it in the past, and it turns out you have a Wii. I'm curious... Do you happen to have Mario Kart, let alone occasionally play it online?

OZKai said...

Had it, but couldn't play it well at all.
Honestly, the Wii is my least favorite console out of the last generation, and at the rate the next console wars is looking, I'm not going to be getting any more any time soon. I'm much more of a classic gamer, anyway.
I do have SSB:Brawl, however...

OZKai said...

Also, if you have any questions of this kind of sort, feel free to post it in the CBox of the side. Someone's gotta push those blogwalkers aside.

Siroh32 said...

The suggestion is noted; I'll put it into practice after this.

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear it's not a favorite. Personally, it's the only one (of the current generation) I have and am content with, with DS Lite and PSP my current handhelds. If GvGN+ would've bothered to branch out and be somehow multi-console as it once was (with GvZG), I don't think I would've gotten the PSP. But I did, and I don't have much for it nor the interest to get a whole lot now. I'm glad it also serves as a music player.

Ironically, one of the games I want to get is one you have, and it's not one I want to pay retail price for; I guess official titles always stay retail until they're off the market years after...? Meanwhile, I'd happily save up double SSBB's retail and more for a simple figure that looks like a bigger and more-detailed one (that I got for SSBB's retail price). How interesting priorities are.

Speaking of priorities, I had hoped to get a review up today, but I screwed up my photos again. Thankfully, I can re-do them and approach some differently... Then make a teaser for the dual review. Maybe I can just make a couple of Gundam/Gunpla-related filler posts for now since I'm feeling kinda crappy today.

Gundam Gunso said...

Hi, great to come across a fellow Gunpla blogger, I definitely would be interested in seeing a review of the ZZ Gundam

OZKai said...

Alright then! I've made my choices!

GodzillaRadio said...

so many gunplas.....
I've only got three.....but they're master grades so thats alright. BUT I WANT MORE! Especially when I see pictures such as these.

Hmmm I'd like to know more about the Nu Gundam

OZKai said...

Well, my reviews are currently set and these ones didn't make the cut. But after the ones I'm working on are done, I'll get to it, as well as another...

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