Last Shooting FINAL: LSP-001 Escape

In an uncharacteristic move, I decided to finally finish a long overdue project... Namely, my Last Shooting Project diorama, not touched since October. I guess I had my reasons, but honestly, I didn't realize just how close I was to done with it, apparently, as I did the rest of the mods and final assembly in one night!

Since it's no longer a W.I.P., I'm just gonna jump right into the final overview of this diorama!

Last Shooting Project
LSP-001 "Escape"

This is the tag I made for the display base, giving the title, kits used, and series. For ceremonious reasons, I kept it bilingual. Because why not.

The diorama, now fully completed. Lacking any means to use clear resin, I resorted to a plain dowel rod for the Zeong's mega particle gun beam, sculpting a pit of epoxy putty at the source of the blast. I painted it white with a florescent yellow toward the base.

Also added more fiber fill to the base to give the appearance of smoke and dust being flung up from the force of Zeong's blast. I painted a faux-lighting in and around the beams contact point to better define its luminescent feel.

Because of the Zeong's beam being a solid piece, I decided the Gundam's beam would now look too different and decidedly painted it with the same gradient effect to mirror the Zeong's attack. Now it's bright enough to catch the eye!

The final exchange of shots between these two legendary mobile suits. Though the pilot's personal rivalries would live on for another 14 years...

I must say, for my first full-scenic diorama, I am extremely proud with the outcome of this. While I know what I could have done to have made it perfect, I still feel that what was done was well above satisfactory. Maybe I just have low expectations from myself. ^___^;;
In any case, I far from plan on this being the last of these dioramas. Now that I've recreated the final battle of the One Year War, it's time to move on to the next conflict...

I've posted all my WIP photos into my Studio OZKai facebook page, which the album can be found here.

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