No rest for the weary...

As you recall in my last post not even a week ago (Audible gasp!), I had gotten the HGUC Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn. I completed it in about 2 days, which, sadly, isn't record for me. XD

But, as fate would have it, I can't finish one without something showing up to take its place...

Yes, indeed, I wasn't even gonna let this one slip away from me! The P-Bandai Hobby Online exclusive MG OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II was -while irritating in its release method- a must-have for the old guilty-pleasured Wing fan I am. ^___^;;

But, ONCE AGAIN, I'm working diligently on this kit (seriously, the kind of work I was putting into my MG Sandrock before unspeakable horrors came upon it...), when a knock doth occur on my door.
I thought to myself, "This BETTER be importa-- ... Oh!"

My copy of the first volume of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin by Vertical, Inc. showed up!!
My GOD, how I'd been waiting for this, and it doesn't disappoint at all!

As one of only two things Gundam still being released stateside, I highly recommend picking these up. Though, they're only doing limited prints, so get yours fast!!! (I've created a pre-order tab for the latest posting on the right-hand bar)
Or, just get it because they've done a fantastic job at not only picking up a title that VIZ dropped almost 10 years ago, but surpassing them in both quality (Nice glossy pages and top-shelf color printing on the color pages) and price (The first Vertical release contains 8 large chapters, which VIZ released over 4 books at about $10 a pop)!

I'm giving such an orchestrated shoutout to Vertical, Inc. just because this can be their breakthrough title and I feel they can go far with this level of quality. Good show, you guys, and I look forward to the future releases!

Anyway, my Tallgeese II is only a quick test-fit assembly, until I can acquire some good spray paints for this guy. Spring is finally starting to show itself, it seems...

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