Some Catching Up to Do

Sorry about the inactivity here (and especially on my practically abandoned RPGags page), but things have really decided to get busy real sudden-like. I've opened up art commissions on my facebook page and got hit pretty hard, so a lot of my free time had been used on keeping up on those. I'm about to close them again, so if you want anything and you're on facebook, now's the time to message me!

Anyway, on the flipside, these commissions have been helping me with quite a few items to backlog my collections with.

I got another HGUC I'd been wanting to get since it was announced, even if it is an odd-duck-out MS.

Yes, I actually - and happily - picked up the HGUC Juaggu [Unicorn Ver.]. What can I say, I have an unconditional love for Zeon mobile suits. Though I greatly look forward to the future release of the HGUC Zogok...

Also, I ordered the new up-to-date Mobile Suit Illustrated 2013 [+Drawing] MS Encyclopedia. This way, I'll have almost all the references I'll need for future Gunpla purchases, as this covers everything up to all of AGE and through episode 5 of Unicorn (and the addition of the Jesta Cannon from 6).

The next item was a long-awaited release, for, me, being the hardcore Mega Man fan I am...

The D-Arts Mega Man was a must-have, seeing that not only is it classic Mega man in scale with the other D-Arts figures, but also includes Rush and the elusive Metall!? SOLD!

Of course, everyone should have expected this, since I'd been advertizing it on the side of my page since the pre-orders went up! Yes, Gundam Unicorn episode 6 is now in my hands, and was another beautiful entry to the series. Another year until the finale, but given the supurb quality of the series thus far, I have faith in the time they're putting into them.

And, with Episode 6, I had to order one of the suits introduced in it's scenes...

Even if it's appearance was brief, the RX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn's screentime was impressive. I just got this in today, and needless to say, my next order will be for the HGUC Full Armor Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode]...

Well, that's all I got, for now, but I have some photos taken for a few items I plan to review once I get the time to sit down and really write them out.

Until then!

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