A WIP update!?!?!

Yes, it's been a while since I actually posted anything Gunpla related. And I apologize. What I'm even more sorry for, though, is how long this thing's been on the back burner...
Yes, I believe it was back in January when I last posted anything regarding this poor kit. What's even sadder is that it wasn't just the updates, but the actual progress itself actually halted right around then, as well...

So, what has become of our Psycho-framed decal-hell-laden kit...?

Here's the progress I made only a few days ago to my MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam. Besides re-panel lining the whole thing, I finished one of the booster pods. (The beam gatling was actually the last thing I completed during my first run back in February). The Action Base 1 Clear was also assembled that night.

Day two saw the second pod completed, and the two largest external armaments out of the way cleared some space in the box.

Because, as you can see, these things make the Unicorn's length at almost a foot! 0____0;;

 Day 3, the mobile suit itself was completed, with the legs finally getting their overdue build.

The grenade racks were all done in one go, however only the leg-mounted ones can be applied, at the moment.

And on the 4th day, the other pairs of beam gatlings saw their completion. However, a flaw was noticed that required attention following: The shoulders can't handle the weight of all those arm-mounted weapons.

I decided to do the ol' glue trick, which is simply putting a nice coat of white craft glue into the joint, putting the parts back together, removing them after getting the glue spread around, and letting the glue dry on both parts. It creates a nice dense layer to both parts, which results in a much tighter, strengthened joint.

And, up to date! With the shoulders tightened, the shields could be applied with no obvious repercussions to the newly reinforced joints.

So, while I've only got about half the armaments done, in five days, I've made more progress on this than I did the entire first month I started on this!

I hope to have this done soon, as I have a ton of RL events coming up (and have been in the process of a big one this last week), so I hope those who've not yet lost patience with me to stick around a bit longer. ^__^;;

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