Zombies can't possibly come back twice, right...?

Well, so much for keeping up with my promise for fresh, new content more often...

Things hit a snag way earlier in the year, and it's been pressing to stay afloat. I'm alright, and nothing's in any dire crisis, now, but unfortunately, this blog probably saw the absolute least of my attention.

 Sadly, I've reached a point in my relationship with this blog, that it's probably best I largely part ways, even if just indefinitely. Time is a precious thing to come by, lately, and I don't have what I require to devote here like I did earlier in the year. I'll still finish out this year with my annual wrap up, which may be longer than usual just to play catch up (I'd do it here, but I'm ill prepared, at the moment).
I likely won't do a prediction this time, as I've largely lost complete sight as to what the hell Bandai is thinking, and the entire list would probably be crawling with unprofessional cynicism.

I will leave you guys today with the knowledge I have completed my Road to One-Hundred, even passed it. Not by much, though. I suppose this year needed to slow down after the whopping 28 kits I built last year. lol
I will also update that page (seen in the bar under the header) with images of each kit in given time.

As I said, while I may not have much time right now or in the forseebale future, there's always the chance things will free up for me, someday. This isn't "goodbye", just "see ya later!"

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