HGUC 1/144 Hyaku-Shiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher Review

A re-acquisition from my old HG-Gunpla days (although it’s only from 2004). I still prefer this version over the plated original release.
Giant guns just win. Period.
This was also the first in a line of me waiting for more complete versions of HG kits, which is why the Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki kit will be a day-one must on my list! Hopefully…

Part 1: MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki

Probably one of the more unique MS piloted by Char Aznable Quattro Bageena, as it didn’t have his signature color as it’s main highlight. Instead, we’re given a shiny gold beam-coated MS that’s as sleek as the series’ namesake.

I: Main Body

The model for this version, unlike the individual release, is not gold plated. I don’t know about you, but I honestly like it better without, as compared with the rest of the HGUC line, the plating comes off as rather distracting. Although, the shiny mustard color that it actually comes in also wasn’t desirable, either…

Front View

Back View

Hopefully these photos show it well enough, but I repainted the entirety of the gold parts in a coat of Testors Inca Gold Lacquer (Don’t let anyone tell you lacquers won’t work). It took almost 2 cans to do the whole thing. But for my first spray job, I think it was a success.

Head & Torso

The torso comes up very blue in these photos. However, it's really closer to a navy, but it's fine either way. Aside from the gold, not much painting for the torso, just the black panel gaps in a few places. The head required the visor to be gloss black (for that nice dark sheen) and the main camera my usual silver + clear green. I would have honestly used a sticker to rid myself of that hideous seam, however it didn't have one...
Also some work on the backpack/Ransel (two pictures up), mostly for the inner thrusters, which got dark red inner rims and flat black nozzle hollows.

The “Hyaku” (100) symbols come as the rub on decals (probably a throwback from the coated version). They applied nicely enough on the lacquered surface. Although I did have to touch up the left one with a little black paint.
The red inner parts of the thrsters and other things were done after the gold spray, so I didn't have much confidence to let the paint sit too long before rubbing off the excess with a wet Q-tip. most of the black was panel-lined in instead of flat black for better control. The elbow joint and part behind the forearm cables were painted in Testors Gunmetal, a perfect match to Hyaku-Shiki's base mechanical color.

Same thruster treatment as the arms and Ransel. Also painted the cable that runs down the back of the knee in the same dark red. Not a perfect match, but it does well as-is.
I always liked the look of the Hyaku-Shiki for it’s exposed mechanics. Definitely got some of Mamoru Nagano’s imprints on it.
The gold parts of the feet suffer from a noticeable gap. I chalk this up to the thinner plastic due to the removal of the gold plating it was originally molded to have.

Wing Binders

Added at Qubeley's request, the simple three part construction attaches to the backpack. they can move a little. Simple, but they seemed like they were designed with a purpose that went unused.

II: Weapons

Beam Rifle

Fairly basic rifle that’s almost like Rick Dias’ set. Save for the gold pipe along the top. This was also sprayed with the Inca Gold, whilst having the main gun taped to avoid unwanted coverage. Some still seeped through, however, so I was forced to repaint the gun at those parts. Luckily the Testors’ Gunmetal is an exact match.

Clay Bazooka

Nothing really to note here (Besides in the Action Pose section). I painted the inner barrel and back exhaust vent flat black for depth.

The bazooka does clip nicely onto the Randsel, but not very stably. I suggest filing the space between the hooks on the bazooka to widen the gap, as it’s not enough to get around the bar in the backpack's slot.

Beam Sabers

I am SO glad these had no issues when I painted the hilts, as I did not want to paint the blades solid just because of leakage. Simple enough one-piece design.

There are hilts stored on the rear skirt armor. However due to my OCD, I adhered mine to the skirt (after the photos) so they’ll stay in position, as they just kinda float there. Usually, uneven.

III: Final Assembly

Given the full (base) armaments, it carries a very un-Char Quattro approach. It' still intimidating, none the less.

IV: Action Poses

Not much you can do with the beam rifle, but it still looks decent. A definite sign of this kit's age is it's low posability.

However, this pose... I love. Can't remember if he ever did this in the series, however I loved it when you would see Cha-- I mean Casva-- DAMMIT Quattro shoot behind himself in Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam (PlayStation 2).

And this is all you'll get out of the clay bazooka. Yet another bazooka hindered by the poor handle position.
Beam saber does well, however...

Since the original gimmick of this kit was the gold plating, it's articulation is largely horrible. They probably could have updated the design in a couple of places for this release, since they seem to want to avoid an HGUC Ver.2.0 line (Please don't kill my wallet that way T~T).

Part 2: Mega Bazooka Launcher

As stated several times above, the Mega Bazooka Launcher is, by FAR, the best reason to get this version over the original plated Hyaku-Shiki.

I: Closed Mode

Front View
Rear View

Being a kit in-and-of itself, the MBL has a few parts (two runners worth)to build the beast, and is more color accurate than the Hyaku-Shiki itself. That's not to say that painting wasn't necessary, though.

The small verniers on the sides got a more basic red rimmed paint with black nozzles. The cables were also sprayed, to match the gold of the Hyaku-Shiki.

Unfortunately, due to them being a softer plastic, the paint didn't hold very well. But it's only noticeable when looking for it, so I'm not let down by the result.
The shock absorbers, I actually referenced the episode from Z Gundam, "Unidentified Mobile Suits," (Sorry, can't take screenshots) and they had them kind of a brown-ish color (Probably supposed to be fabric or cushioning). I made them to color-match the red on the Hyaku-Shiki to tie it closer, and I think it looks good. Better than basic blue, like the promo photos.

II: Open Mode

To prepare it for its weaponized version, a couple extra parts are needed.

First the display base.

This came molded in blue, however that was too blendy, and instead painted it Gunmetal to give it a nice neutral feel. I didn't bother with the little details, as there are too many and I think they would overwhelm the display.

The other is the foot brace.

Instead of making a small, fragile part extend, they gave us the ability to swap the compact one for the extended one. They both have notches at the connectors to stabilize themselves to the MBL.

Here are the steps, as follows:

1. Swap the condensed foot brace for the long one.
2. Extend the barrel (both parts).
3. Rotate the back end downward. You will have to open the vernier pack, handle covers at about the half way point to finish this step.
4. Extend the shock absorbers.
5. Extend the main camera.
6. Attach to the display base. The "clip" on the base will go around the polycap of the right-hand handle cover.

Front View
Back View

The full open version is much larger than most weapons included with a mobile suit (Dendrobium aside, again).

A view of the scope not easily seen in its closed mode. Painted the inside silver. The clear part was actually a decent green, and thus left it as-is.

The handles are kinda clever in that they open at the top to allow the hand to slide onto it, then the top covers the end to make it a solid handle. Probably since these hands might be a little too primitive to take apart over and over again.
I also forgot to state above, the red verniers on the handle covers were molded in gray.
No. That just will not do.

III: Hyaku-Shiki with the Mega Bazooka Launcher

While I would call this section "Action Poses II," that is not exactly possible without a lot of "outside" help. (See second-to-last picture)

Now that's a cannon! I can only remember the one usage from this "Bazooka" in the series, so if I'm wrong, let me know. But it definitely left an impression, despite missing with almost every shot its intended target.

The shock absorbers do a good job actually reaching the Hyaku-Shiki's torso, despite its own poor reach. The whole thing does center well.

And the foot can even reach the brace very well! I suppose being 4 years after the base kit's original launch, they had a product to build the MBL around. So we can be grateful for that. The pre-molded footprint in the base really helps hold Hyaku in place, too.

Back in closed mode, the cannon's still taller than the MS! There is a really awesome picture by Morishita Naochika that's kinda like this (but not). I tried to re-enact that here... Thanks alot, Nofancyhands McCantpose.

This was a pain in the ass to pose. As you can undoubtedly tell, I had to use two out of the three Tamashii Stages I have to set this up. And, in the process, missed one of the wings being uneven.
Anyway, love this pose!!

I never plan on getting the regular Hyaku-Shiki HGUC due to lack of interest, but I'll use this to rate it now, since the only difference is the coating.
While this version lacks the overly-shiny gold plating (a plus in my book) that leaves the plastic somewhat thinner and frail, the poor posability and bad color separation make this kit difficult to make look good compared to the at-the-time current kits.
The Hyaku-Shiki on its own: 2.5 out of 5

However, when you tack on a huge transforming gun using updated gunpla technology, even this lack-luster Hyaku can be worthy of a Char Quattro MS... and a $30+ price tag!



Yami said...

Great Review! the reason why i get into Hyaku Shiki is due to its cool tricks back in GvsZG which even Zeta Gundam can't pull off.

I wish the MG version had mega bazooka launcher as well

OZKai said...

Looking back, next to Zeonic Front, GVZG was my favorite Gundam game. The DW:G games get dull eally fast. Not enough right off the back to keep me entertained, I guess...

As for an MG MBL, I still have a feeling they're holding off for a Ver.2.0...

Siroh32 said...

I prefer GvGN+, and although some of my favorite aspects (visual, specific units and bosses) are changed or removed for GEV (which I find as a negative), it's recent announcement for the PS3 has convinced me to get one sooner or later. Before I found out about the news on Gundam Guy, I thought of recently getting (and still might try to get) GvZG (and an AR disc) for the GameCube.
I tried FvZ and liked it, and GS:FvZ2+ looks fun enough (despite having a preference for '90s AUs), but the crossover Vs. games are most appealing to me for the crossover appeal. I hope GEV imported allows people in other countries to play online... (Y'know, before GvGNP, I was still firmly fine with sticking with Ninty consoles, and I still am; I plan on getting the 3DS and Wii U one day.)

But that's a big digression about the Gundam Vs. games and gaming, rather than the HGUC Hyaku + MBL...

Siroh32 said...

...If I were to get this HGUC, I'd do it mainly for the MS itself, rather than the MBL. I don't think the MBL is that much of an incentive, for me. I did see on Gundam Store and More (it might not hold true elsewhere) that this was actually cheaper to get than the gold-plated version from earlier in the HGUC lineup. I'm fine with getting either one, but if this is ironically cheaper with the large MBL and solid colors, I'd get it. Plus, my 1/144 Gold Type SUMO would fit alongside it in colors.

I saw on Dalong's review of this (rather than the original plated version) that it could perform a pretty decent kneeling pose. That's a pretty big bonus in my book, since my currently-built 1/144s have a hard time with that (with one certain exception, another likely-but-eh exception, and I tried to make my HGUC Zaku II my third and it still has trouble.

But otherwise, the articulation for the Hyaku Shiki looks basic, much like quite a few HGUCs, such as the Zaku II I keep referring to. And after reviewing the MSiA Leo, I wouldn't call basic articulation horrible.

As far as weak plastic goes, I'm not sure if the GP02A is any stronger, but it has broken arms I superglued back on. I don't think my 1/144 TAG would've had a similar problem with its left arm had I not dabbled too far in using spray paint in June of last year, and I'm guessing you always have to be careful in handling plamo (as I discovered yet again when I almost completely snapped my HGUC Zaku II skirt armor in two, in the wrong way). My GFF Wing probably had a couple of accidence that would've shattered some of 'em. Some of my Gunpla kept falling off where I had them and it was a miracle they were still intact.

DanielBova said...

Fantastic review! I bought this kit about a week ago, but haven't built it yet (finishing up another kit at the moment). I did notice the bare plastic has that mildly-metallic mustard-yellow color, and was worried it didn't look like the images on the box (they never do!).

Like you, I'm not really a fan of the super-shiny gold plating of the other Hyaku Shiki's. The photos on the box, to me, were the perfect shade of gold, so I've been passively searching for something to do about it. I'm really digging the Testors Inca Gold Lacquer (i'm assuming spray can?) I've used the Testors sprays before, and like them a lot.

Great-looking build, and great paint job!

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