Time Out for a Shout out

I'm still rounding up my necessities for my next batch of reviews, so until then, I want to point you in the direction of someone I found on DeviantART recently...

DisAstranagant is a vector artist from Canada who has very good taste in his choice of works. He's done many of the insgnias from Gundam, Gurren Lagann and the Metal Gear Solid series, and other things as well.
He's also doing the Gundam show logos at the moment, which I have to thank him personally for! Do him a favor and if you're on DA, give him +watch because he's definitely doing the Gundam community a favor by doing this!

Also, for those unaware, I'm also on DA. Username: OZKai (Of course!).


canopy said...

Hehey Dustin, I've just visited your Deviant Art. Never thought that you're gifted in Art Painting. That's a great Id from Xenogears I'd say. :D

OZKai said...

Love Xenogears! Most under-appreciated game from Square Enix!
Thanks. I'm not sure why I hadn't linked it earlier, aside from the inactivity on it in a recent bit.

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