Backlog Poll Results!!

Well, the results from last month's poll are in. And, unfortunately, only 3 people voted...
So I'm include those that were runner ups in some people's comments to bring it to five kits.
All HGUC's, no less. (Not that I gave much to vary that result, still...)
Once again, though, I will be doing a surprise kit in between each review that were NOT listed in the poll, so stay tuned for those. And then one of my own choosing at the end (Maybe was in the poll maybe not). So that'll bring it up to ten reviews!

1: HGUC 1/144 Hyaku-Shiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher
2: HGUC 1/144 Qubeley
3: HGUC 1/144 Char's Zaku II
4: ???
5: HGUC 1/144 Zeta Gundam
6: ???
7: HGUC 1/144 Gouf Custom
8: ???
9: HGUC 1/144 ZZ Gundam
10: ?!?

I plan on two-or-three a week (depending on free time). Photos have already been started and review write-ups only take a couple hours once that's done.

If I do this in the future, I would definitely love more interaction, please. I know it sounds desperate, but it's hard to know whether anyone who follows me actually reads my stuff.


Siroh32 said...

Well, seems I came up in second... and third... and fourth. Speaking of the second place winner going third, my mass-produced equivalent recently got a small boost in articulation thanks to my half-baked attempt at modifying the skirt armor. If only I can go straight down the middle when splitting parts in half just for one time... *sigh* And now it can barely kneel down. Yay.

Meanwhile, I still have yet to get back to finishing my mystery-that-shouldn't-be-one-so-why-do-I-bother MSIA figure review! I'm actually half-done and I have a better idea to do a couple things after screwing up yet again (a constant of mine in the hobby), but my drive seems to be lacking in doing them (another constant). But hopefully I can get my act together and finally manage my own blog that I last filled with now-outdated news.

Gundam Gunso said...

Hyaku Shiki is 1st place sounds good XD

canopy said...

What I want to see more is how people paint their HG Z Gundam, it's kinda rare to see that since most of the reviews are for the MG one. :D

OZKai said...

I strictly follow the original line art to the utmost detail, save in places that deviate in design or details that weren't colored. Then I go by screenshots (When/if available). Zeta, for me, was a great sample of how little needed to be changed and still have a model as functional as the newer (at the time) kits from SEED and the like.

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