Things I've Done Since Last Posted...

In between working on my MG Sandrock and actual working, mostly, I've repainted a couple pieces of mine.
One that's been reviewed, and one that is planned to be eventually.

My 1/48 scale RX-0 Unicorn Gundam and MSN-06S Sinanju Head Display Bases.

I decided, giving their size and crisp sculpt, they looked too plain just painting what needed painting. So I did a full paint job on these two.

 For the Unicorn (showcased in Destroy Mode) I used Semi-Gloss White for the armor, Tamiya Gunmetal for the mechanical components and bottom base, Silver with Clear Green for the cameras,
Gundam Marker Gold with Clear Yellow for the V-fin, and underneath the clear pink Psycho-Frame parts, I used a florescent orange which really gives a good effect! All hand brushed, by the way...

For the Sinanju, the armor was a red + black mixture, mechanical parts and vulcans were using Tamiya Mechanical Grey,  crest was the same Gundam Gold + Clear Yellow followed by gloss black for the main field. The pipes along the base of the neck (not really seen in these photos) were painted Light Ghost Grey with copper + clear orange connectors.
The monoeye uses an extra sticker I had from the HGFC 1/144 G Gundam underneath the lens, with the lens itself "painted" using a light Apple Green Prismacolor marker.

I have not, however, painted the supports on these, yet. Still figuring out what I want to do with those.

I really want to get to reviewing more kits, but the effort required to make sure they're not half-assed is not with me right now... Hopefully, you'll here again from me soon. That contest ends in a month and a half. So maybe, by then, I'll have gained some free time.

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